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It’s no secret that I have been dying to get my hands on a Dock A Tot, and friends – the day has come. 

Dock A Tot is an multi-functional lounger  that can be used as a travel bed, co-sleeper or a playtime lounger.  I have mentioned this company in previous posts about how I personally think this is one of the best inventions as a baby product. You can read those posts HERE and HERE

If you are completely in the dark about what a dock-a-tot is, then let me fill you in on some of the details. 

Like I mentioned above, Dock A Tot is a multi functional lounger for infants to toddlers. The design was created in Sweden, and all docks are handmade in Europe. The Docks are OEKO-TEX certified (which means that they are tested for harmful substances in all stages of production) and they are made of 100% cotton. This helps create a perfect micro-climate and breathable material for your little one to lounge in.

There are two sizes available: 

the Deluxe which is suited for babies 0-8 months old 

Then there is the Grand size which is suited for 9-36 months. 

I have two of the deluxe size which my boys have been LOVING since the moment I placed them in the docks for the first time. I have been using the docks specifically for nap time on our main floor of our house. I love that I can put them down to nap and they aren’t going to roll anywhere and the material is breathable (made of 100% cotton) so I know if they squish their face into the corners, you can put your mind at ease! They have the best naps in the docks, I look at their little faces and see how cozy they are, and let’s be real.. there really isn’t anything better than a happy baby.(or two) 

The Grand size (9-36 Months) can be used as a lounger as well, but I have been reading a ton of reviews on them and a lot of parents use it to help transition their toddler into a toddler bed.  

The dock comes with a plastic case to protect it when you are traveling with the dock or if you want to store it. It also comes with a piece of cardboard that is in the base of the dock( you will need to remove this before using) to keep its shape. On the dock itself it has two handles to carry it around the house, one on the top and one of the side which helps with moving around room to room. The fabric is machine washable and is super easy to remove. 

The docks come in a variety of colors and I think would make the PERFECT baby gift for an expecting or new mom. 

From the moment I found this company without even seeing their product in person, I have been a major lover of this product. And now that I’ve been able to try them out with my babies, I 100% stand behind this product. It is definitely worth every penny!!!

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