Hi & Welcome!

Who Am I?

My name is Jordyn Audino and I am from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. In June 2015 I married my best friend and in September 2016 I met the two newest loves of my life. My identical twin boys.

My life has been on this amazing ride since my husband proposed to me back in 2013. We built a house, planned our wedding, got pregnant and became a little family of 4.

Audino Family Picture

Why Am I Blogging?

When I was two years old I got caught trying to experiment with makeup – okay more like draw red lipstick all over my face, but needless to say, I was very intrigued by it. Like every girl growing up in the 90’s, I had horrible style and even worse makeup techniques. From the overly drawn super thick black eye liner, to the “CUTIE” matching sweats & hoodies.. I think all girls growing up in the 90’s/00’s were doomed from the get-go. As I got older my love for trying new products and new trends was on a constant uprise, bringing us here today.

I did have a wordpress hosted blog for a little over a year and felt that it was time to re-focus on my purpose and re-brand. There will be a blog post dedicated to this.

My goal is for this to be a place where women can come to find inspiration wherever it may fit in their day-to-day life. I want my blog to feel like we are hanging out in a living room, chatting about whatever over a glass of wine (or a bottle.)

Audino Family Picture

Thank you for stopping by my little space of the internet world.

xo, Jordyn