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I had the honour of being sent this product for review, so I want to give you all my honest opinion on this product!

Let me start by saying, I have never tried this brand before, so I was excited about giving it a shot. I love trying new brands and new products, you just never know what could be a new staple in your beauty bag.

When it comes to my babies, I am extra cautious of new brands/products so I ALWAYS test on myself first. Babies skin is way more sensitive than adults, so if any product is going to make me uncomfortable, it would be an instant NO for my babies.

The day after I received the Avéne Infants sunscreen, I tried it on myself and really liked it! I love that it isn’t greasy feeling on the skin, it absorbs quickly and very well, and it comes in a spray format!

About a week later, Winnipeg started to experience some gorgeous weather so my husband and I were beyond excited to take our boys into a pool for the first time! We bought the baby floats, packed our bags and grabbed the Avéne Infant sunscreen, lathered up the boys and made our way over to the pool.

As I mentioned before, it is a really light texture which I love because my babies hate when I am sitting here trying to rub in some thick texture of lotion. ( I swear they have no patience) The sunscreen is also water resistant and for face & body. It is SPF50, and made of a broad UVB-UVA spectrum protection with minimum chemical filters. The sunscreen also feels really soothing on the skin because it contains a bit of the Avéne thermal water! Also – this product is recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association.

You can buy this product at Drugstores in a 200mL bottle for $32.50!

I really liked this product, and will be sure to keep it in my pool bag for all of summer!


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*this product was sent to me in exchange for a review, however my opinion of the product is my own*

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