As you can see from the title, today I will be reviewing Sunday Riley’s Good Genes & Luna products. I tested these products over the span of 14 days, which is what is recommended to see full results so, if you are curious as to how this product reviewed for me, please keep reading!

Sunday Riley’s Price Points

Anyone who has researched this brand knows that these two products are quite the investment. For a full size bottle of Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, costs $175. For a full size of the Luna Night Oil, you are looking at $131. That is quite the splurge when it comes to your skin. I was trying to find reviews on these products since their descriptions sounded super tempting and was coming up kind of short on quality of reviews. I wandered into our local Sephora to talk to a beauty consultant about the products and see what my options were. The consultant showed me the Total Transformation Kit  which is a half size of the regular bottles, and retailed at $101. I figured that I could sacrifice $100 in hopes that this product really does work. AND with this kit, I could get a good amount of uses out of to see the actual effects on my skin.

My Review

Let’s do a little background on my skin. I have a combination skin type. Certain areas of my face tend to get oily, and I have some dry spots as well. I wanted to find something that was great at balancing out these two issues. I have pores that I am constantly trying to minimize and every now and then I get lovely little break outs.

You can see in my before picture below that my skin was AWFUL. It also doesn’t help that I am sleep deprived and always running on minimum energy levels. I had a ton of redness, large pores, dry patches and tons of uneven colour.

I have just passed the two week mark of using this product, so let’s dive into my thoughts.

In a nutshell, is it worth the $$$? Honestly… no.

Did my skin change at all? Yes, however I don’t think I saw the results it claims to give and my skin doesn’t actually feel any better than it did before. With this price point and the reviews, I assumed my skin would at least feel soft! Which is not the case. You can check out my before and after pictures below from Day 1 on the TOP and Day 14 on the BOTTOM.

For me, this product didn’t live up to the hype. But remember, my skin is different from yours, so this product MAY work for you! That’s the “beauty” of the skincare/beauty world… there are products out there that work differently/better for certain people. We just have to find them!

Before Picture vs After Picture

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L'Oreal Beauty

L’Oreal Paris Beauty has some of the BEST beauty products at the drugstore and today I want to share with you a few of my “must have” items!

L’Oreal Favourites

The products that I am going to share from L’Oreal are a constant repurchase for me. I feel unsettled if i do not have these products on hand.

The Foundation that I love is L’Oreal True Match and I wear the shade W3. This formula is very easy to blend and it comes in a ton of shades. It is a medium coverage foundation, but you can build it up depending on how you apply it. I apply this foundation with a beauty blender, and it gives the foundation the most flawless look.

I also use the True Match Concealer in the shade Fair/Light W1-2-3. It is a great drugstore concealer and I love that it comes with a wand for easy application. I will highlight the areas i want to conceal with the wand, and then use my beauty blender to blend in excess product.

Okay and let’s talk about lashes for one second. The BEST combo for your lashes are this primer and this mascara. If you don’t have these products in your makeup kit, are you living under a rock? You absolutely NEED these two.

And my next must have item is this lipstick. It is so pigmented and is really creamy. I absolutely love this lipstick in any shade.

What are your favourite L’Oreal products??

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I want to review the Marc Jabobs Beauty Remarcable Foundation! I purchased this foundation about a month ago and have been using it very regularly. Please keep reading to find out my review!

Remarcable Packaging

Marc Jacobs Beauty always has the most stunning packaging. The foundation bottle is very sleek and I love the wand that the product comes out on. I apply it directly to a clean beauty blender and then i can apply the foundation to my face.



The Remarcable foundation is a little on the pricey side of foundations. This is the most expensive foundation that I own, retailing at $69. You can buy this product HERE.

How To Use

I was looking for a long-wear full coverage foundation when I stumbled upon the Marc Jacobs Remarcable. It works with all skin types, and depending on how you apply the foundation it can give you different looks. I take the wand and smear the product onto a beauty blender, and then dab the beauty blender over my face. I will then take my F80 brush and buff it into my skin. It gives me a full coverage and flawless look. A little goes a really long way with this product, so I know that this bottle of foundation will last me a lot longer than majority of the foundations that I own. The product blends perfectly and doesn’t look cakey on the skin.

My Review

Is it worth the money?? Depends what you want out of your foundation. For me, having a full coverage foundation is a MUST. Having a long wear foundation is a MUST and having a product that works with different skin types was a MUST. The reason I say that is because of my hormones being all over the place with my pregnancy, after birth, and now finishing breastfeeding. My skin type was different all of the time, so it was important to find a foundation that could handle my skin at its best and worst. For me, this product is 100% worth the money. I am using less product when applying my makeup so I am not purchasing foundation as often, and I was spending about $50 a bottle anyway, so I wasn’t splurging too far off that price point. I do really love this foundation and would recommend it to anyone who needs a full coverage. You will LOVE this product! Shoutout to my full coverage needing girls!

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Hi & Welcome!

I wanted to do a post about my fave lipsticks but then I realized how many I have and love so I’m going to break it down into a couple posts. If you missed my go to’s from MAC, see the post HERE

As you can see by the title, this will be all drugstore lipsticks which are super affordable.

So let’s get started.

drugstore lipstick swatches
I will break everything down by brand and show in my swatch pictures what is what.

Starting at the bottom working upwards in the picture!

NYX Lingerie in Corset

NYX Lingerie in Baby Doll

NYX Butter Lipstick in Pops

NYX Soft Matte lip Cream in San Paulo

Milani matte in Naked

Milani matte in Naturally Chic

Milani matte in Tuscan Toast

Revlon Ultra HD Matte in Seduction

Revlon ultra HD Matte in Devotion

Revlon Ultra HD Matte in Addiction

My favourite formula for these drugstore lipsticks are definitely the Revlon Ultra HD ones. They are super pigmented and don’t rub off easily. Also – the price points are incredible. 

I do have one more post about the BEST drugstore lipsticks that are constant re-purchases in my makeup collection. You will see it in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

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Hi & Welcome! 

I am sharing my favourite MAC Cosmetics lipsticks that are my easy go-to’s for 90% of the makeup looks I create. 

Let’s get started 

Swatches from Left to Right:

Creme Cup • Mehr • Viva Glam II • Whirl • Velvet Teddy • Viva Glam I • Captive 

They have the best formula and I absolutely love the smell of MAC lipsticks! I’m so weird – I know. 

Go check these out next time you’re in a MAC store! 

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Hi & Welcome(or welcome back)

I got a ton of compliments on this look that I created for my babies baptism & I get asked a lot of “how to” questions when it comes to doing my makeup so –  today I am sharing every little detail of creating this look. I will link all products and tools used below!


I will post information in the order that I do my makeup.

Step 1 – Foundation

Products Used: Too Faced Born This Way Foundation 

& Mac Cosmetics Fix+

Tools Used: Sephora Foundation Brush, Sigma F80

To apply my foundation, I put one pump of foundation onto my foundation brush fand dab little amounts all over my face. I then spray Mac Fix+ all over my face and take my Sigma F80 and blend.

Step 2 – Concealer

Products Used: Mac Cosmetics Pro LongWear – NW20

Tools Used: Morphe M214 & Sigma F64

I use one pump of the concealer on my Morphe brush and apply under my eyes and create a triangular shape along my nose and across my face under my eyes. I then use my F64 to blend it out.

Step 3 – Setting

Products Used: Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

Tools Used: ELF Large Powder Brush

I take the powder container and tap some out into the lid, I then use my powder brush and lightly apply the powder to the concealed areas first. I try to leave as much product caked under my eyes to “bake” that area. Then I start packing on the powder on the rest of my face. I leave the powder caked on (looking like a ghost), until I’m done my next step.

Step 4 – Brows

Products Used: ABH Brow Definer

Tools Used: ABH Brow Definer Brush (opposite end on the product)

I start my brows by lining the bottom from my inner eye outwards. Once the line is done, I brush the product up into my brow. Over and Over and Over again until I achieve the look that I want.

Step 5 – Eye Shadow

Products Used: Tarte Tartelette Tease Palette

Tools Used: Sigma E25, Sigma E40, Sigma E55, Sigma E30

I used the E25 with the colour wink all over my upper crease area. I then went in with the same brush and used the colour first kiss in the crease. I then used the E40 and the colour bff in the outer crease and under my eyes using the E30. Using the E55 I sprayed my brush with Fix + and picked up the colour crush and pat all over my lids. 

Step 6 – Eye Liner

Products Used: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner

Pretty self explanatory!

Step 7 – Lashes 

Products Used: Mac Cosmetics #8  & Revlon Lash Glue

Again – straight forward!  Apply glue & apply to eye 

Step 8 – Contour

Products Used: ABH Contour Kit

Tools Used: Sephora Blush & Contour 

Using my Sephora brush, I used the colour on the bottom left. I start at the top of my ear and work in a downwards angle towards my lips. I apply little amounts to build up the contour shade. (it’s easier to apply more than to remove!) I always stop my contour at the outer corner of my eye. 

Step 9 – Blush

Products Used: Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette 

Tools Used: ELF Angle Blush 

Using my blush brush, I apply a small amount of blush to the apples of my cheeks and follow along top of my contour line.

Step 10 – Highlight

Products Used: BECCA X Jaclyn Hill Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop

Tools Used: Sigma F35

I apply my highlighter on my cheeks, my cheek bone, tip of my nose and cupids bow. 

Step 11 – Lips

Products Used: MAC Liner in Soar & ABH Liquid Lipstick in Crush

I outline my lips with the lip liner, and fill in. I then applied Crush on top and thats it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, If you would like to see more posts like this, please comment!

Thank you for reading!

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Hello & Happy 2017!!

How was everyones holidays? Ours were a total whirlwhind! The babies first Christmas was very special but not super fun. What I mean by that is they couldn’t open a gift for themselves and kids just loooove tearing into wrapping paper so next year will be a lot more fun for them!

I haven’t shared an Instagram roundup in a while so i thought – why not.


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Hey Ladies!!

I FINALLY got my hands on a Morphe Palette that I have been lusting on for months… the 35K! I wanted to share a look that i created with this palette, it is a warm look that is super simple. You can do this everyday, or dress it up with lashes as a more dramatic look.

Now keep in mind – I am still learning how to do eye makeup so just bear with me! 

I will link all brushes used below



* I blended these two shades together to define my crease




And that is the final look! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know if you would like to see more of these types of posts in the future – just comment below or on my IG! Also what are your favourite eye palettes? 

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Okay, now I know what you’re thinking.. “She’s doing a CHRISTMAS POST already?!” But let’s be a little realistic here and realize that Christmas is sneaking up real quick. 

This year I am planning on getting all of my shopping out of the way ASAP. With my babies, I don’t want to be fighting crowds come mid-December and trudging through the snow with two little ones. SO this year I’m thinking a nice mixture of online shopping and hitting the mall early will do.

I wanted to share some gift ideas for a few different people, so if you’re completely stuck, here are some suggestions. Today’s focus is for the Girly Girl in your life. This could be your daughter, wife, mother, mother in law, sister, etc.. I think you get the picture. 

PJS | Eye Shadow Palette | Ring | Links Bracelet | Valentino Flats Dupes  | Rebecca Minkoff Love Dupe | GlamGlow Gift Set | Makeup Brush Set | Sunglasses | Phone Case 

nordstrom pyjamas

I hope you all enjoyed this post & happy shopping!

Stay tuned for more Gift Guides

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Mini Sephora Haul!! 

Now – I don’t know whether I should be sick or proud that I am now a VIB Rouge member at Sephora. Who am I kidding though.. I REGRET NOTHING!! 

So I decided to pack up the babies and hit the mall, where I naturally ended up at Sephora checking out new products and picking up a few “must haves” from my collection. 

Can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty in the new ABH Master Palette by Mario?! I SO badly want to get my hands on one so I am keeping my eyes peeled for it to come back in stock.

Okay so back to what I actually purchased.

Let’s talk about the NEW.

I saw Emily Gemma wore Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner so I bought Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner. (MEAN GIRLS QUOTE – if you didn’t catch it) But seriously that is the reason why I wanted to try it out. She swears by this eyeliner and I was in the market for something new. I have been using the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner which is great – I just felt the need to try something else out. 

GlamGlow Glow Starter in “Nude Glow”. I tried this out yesterday and HOLY CRAP. Your skin looks amazing when you apply this product!!! This will be a constant repurchase for me. I am kind of obsessed with all GlamGlow products lately.  Give them a shot next time you are in Sephora, you will not regret it! 

I wanted to try out the H20 moisturizer from Tarte, and it happens to currently be in the rewards boutique, so I picked up one of those as well. I tried it out the night I purchased it and I was pleasantly surprised! My skin felt super soft the next morning so I am definitely a fan and would recommend it!

(pictured is the birthday gift for this year from Sephora – I have not tried either products yet but I have heard great things)

Last but not least – my repurchase. The Caudalie Vinosource. YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT.  I discovered this amazing moisturizer while I was pregnant and it totally adjusted to my skin. My hormones made my skin super oily one day and super dry the next, so I was trying to find a product that could work with combination skin types and boy oh boy did I ever find that. I never looked greasy or super dry when using this product! The price point is amazing too. Only $49! It is amazing you guys. You need this.

I have a Mini Mac Haul coming soon as well so stay tuned!

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