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Today I want to share with you some tips on picking a wedding guest dress for any upcoming weddings you may have! I found the PERFECT spring/early summer wedding dress and needed to share with you all.

Tips for Picking A Wedding Guest Dress

The first thing to consider is weather. This will go hand in hand with the season in which appropriate colours/prints will adjust based on the time of year.

So check the weather! I always start stalking the weather network 2 weeks out of any event. Will it be rainy? Will it be hot? Will it be muggy? All important questions to ask that will help make your decision on what to wear and make you look amazing & super comfortable at the event.

Hot day? Go for something that is breathable and light weight. No straps (or minimal straps), and something that is flowy to give you some air movement.

Rainy & cold? Go for something with a sleeve or has a lining underneath the dress for added warmth. I love THIS dress for a colder event. The material doesn’t breathe as well, so it keeps you nice and warm!

The Perfect Summer Wedding Guest Dress

You guys… THIS dress is perfect. It is so comfortable, the dress breathes so you do not overheat at all.. the color is perfection.. I cannot say enough about this dress! It is so flattering (even while pregnant). The best part? It’s PRICE TAG! This dress is under $50 which is incredible.  Style Tip – Steam this dress and let it hang for a few hours before wearing, it will look amazing!

Check out some of my fave guest dresses below for some more inspiration xo

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Good Morning Loves! Mothers day is approaching us quickly so I wanted to share some amazing gifts that any mama would LOVE!

Last year Ryan spoiled me for my first Mothers Day which was so darn sweet. He made sure my day was perfect from beginning to end, and I am so thankful! This year I am planning on having a major fam day and would love to go to the zoo or a park. Quality fam time is what I’m looking forward to… however… every woman loves gifts so lets get into these cute/lovely gift ideas!

This year I think you can see a theme in the gifts that I’m sharing.. self care & cozy! (minus that gorgeous purse..) I think all mama’s need some time to themselves to be able to relax and unwind. Self care is so important for your mental health especially after a tough day with toddlers! I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

What are your Mothers day plans? Comment Below!!

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Ryan and I went on a quick vacay to Cancun and I thought I would share a little how to pack for this type of vacation! Here are my essentials when packing for a beach vacation.


#1 will always be cute bikinis/swimsuits! I absolutely LOVED this one!

#2 A Cover Up. I had a couple options on our vacation, one like THIS and one similar to THIS. I also love THIS one.

#3 Beach bag. Okay, if I had endless $$$ I would get THIS bag. I would keep it forever so the investment would make sense… however if you are like me and would be brutally murdered by your husband for spending that kind of money on a beach bag.. opt for something like THIS one!

#4 Sunscreen *protect your skin!!! it’s SO important! Last summer I fell in love with THIS sunscreen. It worked so well on myself and the more importantly my little guys! I recommend THIS one and THIS one.

#5 A Variety of Dresses – okay, you clearly need dresses and even more dresses on vacay. Cute summer dresses like THIS for any daytime looks, or a dress like THIS for dinner/evenings out.

#6 SUNNIES! I love THIS pair of sunnies that I bought a few months ago. I am obsessed with how dark they are and the over-sized look. It is perfect for those days where you want to hide your face haha!

#7 Sandals that are durable in the sand/water are super important! I always pack a pair of flip flops, but again I am DYING to get a pair of THESE. So many reviews say they are really durable and last forever so they are worth the investment.

#8 Lipstick. Weird essential I know, but when you aren’t wearing any make up, adding a pop of colour to your lips will make huge difference in how you feel when wearing a bikini & sunnies! I am obsessed with the NARS lipsticks lately. I recommend THIS one.

#9 Hair ties/accessories. A hat is a must and silly me ended up forgetting a hat on our vacay and my face paid the price of that by getting a terrible burn. THIS hat is super cute and beachy, or if you want to go a little more transitional, go for a basic ball cap like THIS. I also recommend bringing hair ties. I am obsessed with THESE and am not sure how I lived without them before. Major must have for any female.

#10 a laundry bag – keeps everything tidy and so easy to just dump the bag into the washing machine when you get home!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Where is your favourite place to travel to?

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nordstrom 2018 wish list

It’s that amazing time of year where Nordstrom has their Winter Sale! This is the best time to stock up on some favorites!! Today I wanted to share what is on my Wish List!




I hope you all enjoyed this post! & Thanks for stopping by!

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It’s almost that special time of the year! Hate busy crowded malls during the Christmas season? Me too. Today’s post is dedicated to making things simple! Enjoy your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your home. Grab yourself a glass of wine, that credit card and put your feet up. Here are some perfect gift ideas for the “HER”‘s in your life.  Enjoy!

|| 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 ||

|| 11 || 12 || 13 || 14 || 15 || 16 ||

I hope this post was helpful for you all! What do you have your eye on this Christmas? Comment below!!

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Back by popular demand I am starting up my #followfridays again! This week I am featuring a few Manitoba ladies that deserve a spotlight!

First up, we have the breathtaking Victoria Johnson.

Victoria Johnson

She is major mom goals, body goals, hair/makeup goals.. basically ALL of the goals. I’m sure you all are already following her, but if you are not, please do so. She has amazing style, the cutest family and is so sweet. I adore her and definitely look up to this girl! xo


Onto probably the sweetest woman I have ever met, Natalie Bell of PegCityLovely.


If you have met her, you know that her smile is extremely contagious and you really just cannot get enough of her. She is extremely inspirational, always so positive and uplifting. She is the type of person everyone needs in their life when they are having a bad day. I can GUARANTEE she will make you feel better and smile. She also has an incredible blog on top of being a wife & mom! She is always current on local events so make sure you go follow this wonderful woman!

Jennifer from Pretty Little Details is yet another amazing woman whom I adore.

Pretty Little Details

Her blog title describes her perfectly. From the insanely talented flat lay photos, the jewelry line, and to the perfect outfit posts, the details are always so pretty. I had the honour of meeting her at a blogging event in Winnipeg, and she was so down to earth and I adored her even more. She is also expecting her first baby with her husband, so mama’s go follow her too! I cannot wait to see how she rocks motherhood!

Okay, last but definitely not least is the sweet Vanessa from The Trendy Files!

The Trendy Files

I met her at an event a couple weeks ago, and she was SO SO sweet. We had coffee together and had a great time getting to know each other. Her IG feed is on point!! I absolutely love her imagery and the content of her blog. Go follow this sweet girl!


I hope you all enjoyed this post. Thank you to everyone who voted in my IG Poll!

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Fall Fashion 2017

Hi Guys, Happy September!!!

Fall is my favourite time of the year here in Winnipeg. Although the perfect weather really only lasts like 3 weeks, it is the BEST THREE WEEKS. I do have to add that my birthday and now my babies birthday’s land within those three weeks, so it makes it extra special.

Fall fashion to me is dressing up the basic t-shirt & jeans by adding fun layers. Throwing in pops of colour or print within scarves, or fun accessories. This fall the trend seems to be focused heavily on prints. That print is leopard to be exact, and I am obsessed.

I have really been into the cognac/brown colour for years, and mixing with your basic blacks/whites is like my favourite style. I have shown below a few staple pieces to have in your wardrobe this fall.

Shopping can get excessive, however if you build your wardrobe with your KEY STAPLE items first, adding in a few trendy pieces can keep any look current.

Okay so let’s talk about your first must have in ANY wardrobe. A basic white tee. You can have your choice of any neck line, fit, whatever you choose. This is a MUST. I have been loving on THIS tee lately and the best part? It is $22!

I love a good pair of jeans, and I just recently invested in a good pair of jeans however they are not the colour I would love to show in this post. I purchased more of an indigo shade. For this post, I will share a pair of jeans that I have my eye on to invest in which are THESE ones. Investing in good jeans will save you money in the long run. I was purchasing jeans from a lower quality brand and spending $50 every 2-3 months to replace them. I spent $175 on my newest pair of jeans (the most I have ever spent on a pair of jeans) and I have worn them constantly over the last 4 months and they look BRAND NEW.

As I had mentioned, the trend this fall is Leopard print. You can pair the jeans/tee combo with a cute leopard scarf which is the least expensive way to get in on the trend. THIS scarf is so cute and only $25!!

Now another must for this fall is a great leather or faux leather jacket. I love THIS one and currently have my eye on it.

If you aren’t a leather jacket kind of girl, then true to my style, I would reach for a cozy cardigan. One of the cardigans that sold out from Nordstrom last year SO fast that I couldn’t get my hands on was THIS one. I have it in my cart right now, so it will be making a debut to my wardrobe really soon!

On to shoes, I would go with a basic flat to bring this look together. A lot of bloggers have been adding another pop of the leopard print loafers, however I’m not sure how long that print with the loafer style shoe, will be in style for. If you want to get in on the loafer trend then I would suggest THIS pair. However, I gravitate towards THIS pair. Plus, they are $28!

I also want to do a splurge/save post for following trends this fall so stay tuned! It will be up in the next few weeks!

I hope you all enjoy this post!

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Zaful has some of the CUTEST pieces that need to be in your wardrobe for this fall. I want to share with you some of my Wish List items from cute Midi Dresses to Tops.

So let’s get right into it! Here are a few items that are on my fall Wish List! This fall the trend of the ruffle detailing and off the shoulder continues. To be honest? I LOVE this trend. It is so playful and flirty. You will see that trend in my wish list and I’m sure you will LOVE the pieces I have picked out from Zaful.

I have noticed that the typical fall colours have come back such as olives & burgandy, however, having a lighter palette for your wardrobe stays in style year round! I did pick a dress below that has more of a mustard colour which I tend to associate fall with, but most of the items you will see are all year round neutral.

THIS cold shoulder dress is the perfect dress for fall. The mustard colour is gorgeous and you can pair it with a leather jacket and booties to complete the look! This dress is a must have to transition into fall.

And how cute is THIS off shoulder shirred floral dress? I am in LOVE with the sleeves! This print is perfect for spring summer and fall! This would be perfect for a wedding guest dress!

I am a sucker for this shade of blue and THIS dress is just so pretty. The cut out in the back is unexpected and gorgeous. I also love the shape of this dress, it is flattering for any body type!

Flare sleeves are really on trend and I am loving it mixed with THIS off the shoulder top. The floral pattern has the perfect color palette to transition into fall and you will be able to carry this top right through the winter!

Who says high/low’s are just for dresses? I am obsessed with THIS top! I love that the floral print isn’t overwhelming and the high/low detail can be the focus of the top. Pair this with a pair of white jeans and heels, you’ve got yourself a date night look.

okay, now THIS top is seriously so darn cute. I love the pale pink color and definitely would carry this color into the fall! I love that this top has flare sleeves and it also has a peplum style top so it is perfect for new moms like me who are still trying to hide that little baby pouch.

Noticing a trend here? This shade of blue with the white stripe is gorgeous on THIS top. I love the bow detail, it just adds something special to an already stunning top.

Every wardrobe needs an oversized sweater like THIS one. Pair it with tights and thigh high boots. Or you can throw it over jeans and booties. It is the perfect over sized sweater! Who loves to be cozy? ME!!

Also for a chance to win FREE clothes click HERE.

What are some trends that you are currently loving? Comment below!!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

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Sharing my round up of IG pics from July 2017! I will link all products below each picture!

one piece swimwear


Old Navy Dress


identical twins family


Old Navy Summer Dress




Avene Sunscreen


milestone baby


twin family







July went by SO fast for us! It finally hit me that going back to work is sneaking up on me REAL quick. We met with a couple daycares and sealed the deal on one of them. It’s so surreal that my babies are going to be attending daycare extremely soon and I won’t be spending my days playing on my living room floor with them. We also spent a lot of time out at the cabin, and tried to go for as many walks as possible around our neighbourhood to enjoy the weather.

Ryan and I are now planning the boys first birthday party (they turn 1 in like 5 weeks!) so we are having an absolute blast trying to figure everything out. I know I say this all of the time, but seriously, where is the time going?!

Our goal for the rest of summer is to take it day-by-day and enjoy what is left! August is always the hottest month here in Winnipeg, so I’m hoping Ryan will take some holidays and we can have a couple family days around home together. I have so many bucket list things to do as a family, such as take the boys to the zoo, a splash pad, etc..

What was your favourite thing you did in July??

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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Hello & Welcome Back!

Today I want to share with you all the incredible Blume Swimwear. This is a brand that one of my best friends has launched and is offering the perfect minimal bikini. Oh and PS it launched last FRIDAY!

Minimal Bikini

Courtney(the owner), is very particular. She is very detail oriented and has worked in the fashion industry for years. She has an eye for all things amazing, so when she told me she was starting her own brand, I wasn’t surprised. I actually was surprised it didn’t happen sooner! She has been working on perfecting these styles of tops/bottoms for over a year now.

Blume Bikini

Blume currently has one style of top, and one style of bottom. The Flora Top and Blossom Bottom. The top has a gorgeous low cut with a thicker band detail, and it also has the perfect thin shoulder strap. The bottom is the perfect cheeky cut. You will feel great & sexy in this bikini!! Both (top & bottom) come in 7 colours (white, navy, cherry blossom, lilac, olive, black, magenta) The Flora top retails for $67 and the Blossom bottoms retail for $55. Which is extremely affordable for the quality you are getting!

Blume Bikini

You can shop Blume HERE!

*all images in this post belong to Blume Swimwear*

Make sure to tag Blume in all of your social media posts xo

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