Here are my top picks for the Bay Days Sale! 

Bay Days Sale

Shoes are on sale as follows:

Buy 1, Save 20%

Buy 2, Save 25%

Buy 3, Save 30%

I will link below all of the items I am currently loving!! Enjoy! 

Nude Pumps – here

Floral Dress – here 

Bell Sleeve Dress – here 

Flat Sandals – here

Strappy Heels – here

Nude Trench – here

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. Can anyone else feel Spring in the air? It has made me so excited to for the next upcoming months. Summer is obviously my favourite time of year. From the summer dresses to bikini’s.. it really is the best season here in Manitoba.

Lately I have found myself wanting to fast-forward time to get away from the grossness that spring brings. You never really realize how much dirt there is in the snow until it all starts melting in the spring. I don’t think my car has looked clean in about a month now and I swear I have washed it multiple times!

With that in mind, here are some current Spring MUST haves!

#1 – Rubber Boots

The puddles, the gross muddy-snow.. until all of the snow is gone, boots will be your best friend. I bought mine from the dollar store in Lac Du Bonnet a couple years ago, and they do the trick. They are actually really cute too! They are black and have some sunflowers on them.  You could splurge and get some really nice Hunter Boots or save and head on over to Walmart! At the end of the day, your feet staying dry is the #1 goal here.

#2 – Spring Jacket

Every year we see the military inspired jackets come out and it really has become a staple piece for any wardrobe. I currently love this one and have my eye out for a sale. I can’t help but love saving money!!!

#3 – Pop of Colour

Playing with different colours with accessories in the spring time is a MUST! This is the time to bring out those vibrant colours and express your style in a different way.

I bought a Kate Spade bag in a bright pink colour last year and I will DEFINITELY have that bad boy out of hibernation in no time. Some other bags that I am loving are This one or this one 

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Here is my part two of my current fashion cravings! 

All products mentioned are at Forever21, so they are super cute & super affordable.

Fashion Cravings - March Forever 21

This summer dress is so cute, and perfect for those +30 days that we all love so much. The low cut back is gorgeous and the colour combo is just stunning! The best part about this dress is it’s only $29.90!

Trench coats are all the rage this time of year, and this beige colour is to die for. It’s super light-weight and is only $60.90!

Crossbody bags are a wardrobe essential. This bag is $39.90 and a great size! This colour can go with any outfit and is perfect for spring/summer! 

Everywhere you look nowadays all you see is girls wearing lace up sandals. These are a great dupe for the Steve Madden version, or any other designer brand you can find! They are only $29.90 and right on trend for this year.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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 This next month I am going to focus on things that I find inspiration from. My posts may seem a little out there, but this is my real life “Inspo Board”

My focus today will be specifically on the top 5 style icons that I have. 


Preparing for a trip is so damn stressful! My mind always runs a mile a minute the day before and the day of travel. It’s always “what did I already pack? what am I missing? I know I’m forgetting something..” then rambling off the list I made about a week prior to leaving so I would eliminate the risk of forgetting something. This brain of mine goes into panic mode when prepping for a trip!

Last week my husband and I travelled to Vegas for the first time ever!!

Here are some of my essentials for travelling:

#1 – Headphones. This needs to be everyone’s number one. (OTHER THAN YOUR PASSPORT)

#2 – Snacks. I usually throw a couple of granola  bars into my carry on or my purse before the flight. You never know when hunger will strike.

#3 – Gum. Two reasons: Good breath & to help pop your ears!

#4 – A Blanket Scarf/Poncho. This will keep you warm on the plane! wrap yourself up in it like a blanket and you are good to go.

#5 – Extra pair of socks. My feet are always freezing, regardless of what I’m doing so having an extra pair of warm socks are perfect for a flight.

#6 – Hand Sanitizer. I’m not sure what it is about planes but I become a huge germophobe the second we board. Maybe it’s the gross stale airplane air we are all forced to breathe.. I don’t know. But I find most airplanes are just gross.

#7 – Evian Water Spray. This has been something I carry in my purse during the hot summer days as well as every time I travel. It is a water mist in a bottle. Perfect to cool you down in the summer, keep your face feeling fresh on the place, and the best part.. it doesn’t ruin your makeup. It is also airplane safe so you can throw it in your purse/carry on. You can get these at Sephora, and you get two bottles for $16.

Today’s post is a little different… I am sharing my current office space where I like to shoot for my blog, and come up with ideas for different posts.

I know what you’re thinking – dark furniture.. soo not on trend. In life you have to work with what you got, so I’ve added my personality to this old Walmart desk of mine.

Hope you enjoy


Good Morning & Happy February! The days are counting down until Valentines Day, and I know there are people who are anxiously waiting. The thing about Valentines Day is I find there are two types of people who handle the day:

1- The person who is the romantic; gifts, flowers, dinner, romance

and 2- The one who hates anything to do with it

My husband falls into the category of the 2nd description, but he still does make an effort for me on that day. Normally we will just stay in and cook a nice dinner together.. something low key. Which I love. It really is about spending time with the person you love the most in the world, so I can’t complain! 

Here are some essentials for you love birds out there if you’re looking to get inspired.

Vday Essentials

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Today marks my first month end of blogging! Wow did this month fly by.. I wanted to share my goals and progress as this is a journey we are on together.

My goal for my first month was to have 100 people look at my site in total. I thought I was being really ambitious, and I would try my best to achieve this. To my surprise, I have well surpassed that original goal for this month.

My stats for the month of January are:

Views: 1978

Visitors: 579

 Followers: 10

Instagram Followers: 413

Twitter Followers: 211

Pinterest Followers: 38

Facebook Page Likes: 65

With that being said, I want to say a big thank you to all of you who have come to check out my site, continue to see what’s going on and to those who have subscribed by email to see my latest posts. I appreciate all of the feedback I have been getting & I am so thankful that I am able to share my experiences with you.

Let’s try to double my numbers for next month!

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Lots of Love

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Hi Everyone! 

I have been getting a lot of questions on how my blog works & how people can follow me, etc.. so I’m just quickly going to break down the different ways for you.

In the side bar there is a Follow By Email section. You can type your email in and anytime I post something, you will be notified.

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Hopefully this helps break things down a little better for you, and if you have any other questions, just let me know!

I really appreciate all of the love I have been getting, so thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their day to support me on this journey.

xo, Jordyn