It’s almost that special time of the year! Hate busy crowded malls during the Christmas season? Me too. Today’s post is dedicated to making things simple! Enjoy your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your home. Grab yourself a glass of wine, that credit card and put your feet up. Here are some perfect gift ideas for the “HER”‘s in your life.  Enjoy!

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I hope this post was helpful for you all! What do you have your eye on this Christmas? Comment below!!

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I am SO excited that this year will be my very first Mothers Day. It doesn’t even seem like I’m old enough to be considered a mom LOL. Now that I am a mother, I have a total new appreciation for my parents. I am just so lucky that I will have two healthy babies and a wonderful husband to spend the day with.

In the spirit of Mothers Day, I wanted to share a gift guide for you all!



What are your plans for Mothers Day? Ryan told me he is going to plan the day for me so I am very excited to see what is in store! He is SO sweet!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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When the boys were two weeks old, we decided to do a family photoshoot courtesy of Janelle Fournier Photography! She is truly amazing and one of the sweetest people I have ever met. You can check her out HERE.

Thank you Janelle!!







Dress – Forever 21 | Hair Extensions – Bellami | Watch – Fossil | Bracelet – Swarovski 

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Today I am going to share a little sneak peak into all of our(99% my husband’s) hard work. 

Obviously you can tell that we decided to go with a hockey theme. It only felt right as our boys will be forced to love it. Just kidding, but not really…

All furniture was purchased at Babies R Us. I will link most of the details below.












Furniture: Cribs | Dressers | Closet Shelving

Decor: “HOCKEY” | Throw Pillows | Shelves | Winnipeg Jets Logo

Swings: Nuna Leaf | 4Moms MamaRoo

I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

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I am currently looking for a lifestyle blogger that may be new to the scene (just like me), or someone who would like to start a blog, and would be willing to work together! I am currently looking for someone who would be willing to help with taking photo content for my blog. In the same breath, I would be more than willing to do the same in return. 

If you are interested or know someone who would be interested in this opportunity, please email me at: prairiegirlchic@gmail.com

Thank you! 

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Now that I am pregnant, I cannot help but spend countless hours on Pinterest looking at everything baby related. From nurseries, to newborn photo shoots, to maternity style.. I am obsessed.

I am going to share my nursery inspiration board from Pinterest, although we still don’t know if we are having boys or girls, I would like a neutral nursery. I don’t want a room overloaded with boy or girl specific stuff just yet.

 Elephant and Monkey Decor

Animal Pictures

Elephant Chair

Modern Safari 2

Organized Stuffed Animals

Modern Safari

As you can see I’d love to have a modern safari themed nursery. I think this is perfect for either gender and would be perfect for learning the different animals as the babies get older.

I will be creating a product wishlist on my blog in the next month or so which will link to a lot of these products if you are curious as to where you could find them!

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Sorry I have been a little MIA lately.. but I am BACK! 

My husband and I built our first home together and moved in approx 18 months ago, and we were fortunate enough to be able to get a LOT of hand-me-downs when it came to furniture, kitchen utensils, etc. As of 6 months ago, Ryan and I noticed that our couches are starting to fall apart! The bolts from the recliners fall out constantly, the chair support rods are starting to bend and it really only is a matter of time before we end up falling on our floor. We entertained the idea of looking for new couches about 5 months ago and thought “okay, we will buy when there is a really good sale on.” well.. Christmas came and went, and now it’s the end of March and we are still complaining about that deteriorating couch we have! 

This weekend my mother-in-law mentioned that there was a sale on at Design Manitoba, so I went to check it out, and I found one couch that caught my eye. Then we went to Bella Moda on Sunday and found the perfect couch for us. We knew going in that we would probably end up spending more than what we wanted to be able to get something that works in our size of space, and in the fabric that we want. Which, of course we found. 

The only downside is because it’s a custom couch, we have to wait another 12 weeks before we get it! Can’t wait to share my before & afters of our family room!! 

If any of you are in the market for living room furniture, be sure to check out the following places:

Bella Moda

Design Manitoba


Sears Home



I hope you enjoyed this post! 

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Everyone rags on Winnipeg for being a boring city with nothing to do, when in contrary, there is actually a ton of stuff to do here! As the weather has been on average under -10 all winter, it has definitely made living in Winnipeg through winter time more bearable. 

Share with me some of your favourite local hangout spots!