Curious about the differences between the Deluxe and Grand Dock A Tot? Read more to find out everything you need!

Dock A Tot has been featured on my blog a few times as a MUST HAVE baby item, and I will always back up that statement. I really cannot say enough about how incredible of a product the docks are, and how amazing the company is itself!

I reviewed the Deluxe size HERE and in this post I explain Dock A Tot’s products, and a little bit about their company. Now I did get these products sent to me for my review, HOWEVER, my love for this product is completely genuine. Any mom who I know has purchased a dock because of my reviews have all said the same thing “This is the best baby product ever.”

The sizes available are the Deluxe which is the smaller size (suitable for 0-9 months) and the Grand which is suitable for 9-36 months. The smaller one is perfect for recreating  the womb for a little one to sleep at ease feeling safe and secure. The Grand dock is a larger size for toddlers to feel safe in their beds as well.

I was really stretching out the deluxe size with the boys because they loved them so much, but they are also babies who have major attachments to their blankets. This was starting to become a bit of an issue being in too small of a space, fully clothed and with a large blanket wrapped around them. It was overdue to upgrade to the Grand size of docks.

Dock A Tot

The first nap in the new docks were a total success. The boys had a 3 hour nap!! 3 HOUR!! It helped me catch up on sleep from a rough night, and become much more productive during the day. We also have been bringing them along to our cabin on the weekends for a place to sleep!

This company just keeps proving over and over how incredible of a design this is, and babies truly do LOVE these!

Dock A Tot

You can purchase Docks through the link below, the pictures below or at West Coast Kids in Winnipeg.

Click HERE to get your discount code from DockATot! 

On a side note… The day we received the grand docks, I did an IG story of unboxing them and showing how to take the docks apart to clean them. The response that I got back was incredible! I’m so glad you are all loving my IG stories about products! So thank you for the exceptional love!

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