Why am I just discovering Nars? Someone please tell me why!!

As most of you are aware my skin after having babies has gone a little haywire therefore leaving my foundation looking super cakey on my face. (Yes, I am making CAKEY a word.) So I started doing some research on different finishes of long wear foundations and happened to stumble upon the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. It had great reviews and I really wanted to try out a luminous finish vs matte that I typically gravitate towards. There is something about dewy skin and a flawless complexion that just draws me in. I also started using the radiant creamy concealer which you all know is just amazing. Then I saw the bronzers and holy smokes are they pretty. As I was making my way through all of the Nars products in the display, I also discovered the Powermatte lip pigments (new liquid lipsticks), and finally caved to get the ITA brush. Curious to know what I think about my new products? Keep Reading!nars beauty

Nars has a few foundations that were catching my eye, however I chose the Luminous Foundation as my newest makeup family member. And here are the reasons why:


Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

 With this foundation, it is great for all skin types which is a major bonus for me as my skin typically likes to change half way through the day. It comes in 19 shades, and it was actually very easy to do a shade selection in store! I went to the Sephora in Polo Park and was able to swatch a few colours and within two tries, I found my perfect match. One of the things I love about this foundation is how weightless it is. I really feel like I’m not wearing ANY foundation at all. The coverage is full, and blends out perfectly with my sigma F80 brush! I have been wearing this foundation for about a month now and am in total love. I highly recommend this foundation!!

You can pick it up HERE.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Again, this is suitable for all skin types (common theme for Nars). I love how easy it is to apply because it comes with a built in applicator brush. It blends out really well with my sigma F64. I love the pairing of the foundation mentioned above with this concealer!!

You can shop the concealer HERE.

Nars Diffusing Bronzer

Okay this bronzer is the most creamy bronzer I have ever touched. I absolutely love the matte finish (yes, I am mixing a matte bronzer with a natural/luminous finish foundation). The combination looks incredible together!! The size of the bronzer is amazing too, so yes it is a little pricey upfront but I can guarantee you that you’ll have this Nars product for a long time!!

You can shop the bronzer HERE.

Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment

I can honestly say that in the 3 times I have worn this lipstick, I have NEVER received so many compliments on the colour! I got the shade Save The Queen, and people love it on me LOL! I love love love love love the formula of this liquid lipstick because it is the first one I have ever owned that IS NOT drying whatsoever. I can reapply and I don’t get weird build ups of product anywhere.. it really is the best liquid lipstick I have ever tried. I want ALL of the shades! If you are a liquid lipstick lover then give this one a shot! You won’t be disappointed!

Shop the lipstick HERE.

Nars ITA Brush

Now I already know what you are thinking.. you paid HOW MUCH FOR A BRUSH?! I know. This is the most expensive brush I own by a LONG shot. It is actually exactly double what I spent on my last most expensive brush, HOWEVER, is it worth the money?

YES! The shape of this brush is perfection for anyone who struggles with contouring (*insert girl with hand up emoji*). it really takes the complicated-ness out of adding bronzer to your face. The product goes exactly where you place it and leaves a little wiggle room for you to play around with the product.

Highly recommend this product for people who are incapable of contouring.

Shop the brush HERE.


I hope you all enjoyed this post!

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xo, Jordyn