I FINALLY caved and purchased a Clarisonic. Curious about my thoughts on it?? Keep reading!

Clarisonic Devices

I contemplated on which model to buy for months. I’m not exactly why this became the hardest decision in my life over a matter of 3 months, however here we are. Lets do a little break down of each product and what each has to offer.


Price $169, one speed. One Year Warranty


Price $219, two speeds. Two Year Warranty


Price $269, two speeds. more compact design. Two Year Warranty


Price $389, four speeds, Body Turbo Mode & Brush Head, Three Year Warranty


Price $429, four speeds, addresses 15 signs of aging, Body Turbo Mode & Brush Head, Three Year Warranty.

 clarisonic canada

MIA 2 Review

I purchased the MIA 2 at the beginning of December and have been using it religiously with THIS face wash. Within the first week I noticed a change in my skin. My pores were drastically smaller, and my skin felt insanely clean. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my skin has taken a beating since having the boys and to this day it is not the same.

So why did I choose this model? Well, after reading a bunch of reviews, I thought having the traditional style with the handle would make the most sense for using the product. I also wasn’t ready to splurge on the higher end models! If and when this one decides to go I will probably go with the smart profile for the body option as well. My skin is awful on my body lately!

I have been using the clarisonic twice a day (morning/night) on the cleansing speed. You are supposed to do circular motions while it is working and it will beep at you when it’s time to move to a different area of your face. It is super user friendly which is the best part.

clarisonic review

Introducing this clarisonic into my skincare routine has been the best thing I have done for my skin in a LONG time. I highly recommend this product for everyone! Also, an amazing part about this company is that they have a risk free money back guarantee for 90 days!

Give it a try, let me know what you think. Your skin will thank you for it.

clarisonic mia review

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It’s almost that special time of the year! Hate busy crowded malls during the Christmas season? Me too. Today’s post is dedicated to making things simple! Enjoy your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your home. Grab yourself a glass of wine, that credit card and put your feet up. Here are some perfect gift ideas for the “HER”‘s in your life.  Enjoy!

|| 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 ||

|| 11 || 12 || 13 || 14 || 15 || 16 ||

I hope this post was helpful for you all! What do you have your eye on this Christmas? Comment below!!

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Back by popular demand I am starting up my #followfridays again! This week I am featuring a few Manitoba ladies that deserve a spotlight!

First up, we have the breathtaking Victoria Johnson.

Victoria Johnson

She is major mom goals, body goals, hair/makeup goals.. basically ALL of the goals. I’m sure you all are already following her, but if you are not, please do so. She has amazing style, the cutest family and is so sweet. I adore her and definitely look up to this girl! xo


Onto probably the sweetest woman I have ever met, Natalie Bell of PegCityLovely.


If you have met her, you know that her smile is extremely contagious and you really just cannot get enough of her. She is extremely inspirational, always so positive and uplifting. She is the type of person everyone needs in their life when they are having a bad day. I can GUARANTEE she will make you feel better and smile. She also has an incredible blog on top of being a wife & mom! She is always current on local events so make sure you go follow this wonderful woman!

Jennifer from Pretty Little Details is yet another amazing woman whom I adore.

Pretty Little Details

Her blog title describes her perfectly. From the insanely talented flat lay photos, the jewelry line, and to the perfect outfit posts, the details are always so pretty. I had the honour of meeting her at a blogging event in Winnipeg, and she was so down to earth and I adored her even more. She is also expecting her first baby with her husband, so mama’s go follow her too! I cannot wait to see how she rocks motherhood!

Okay, last but definitely not least is the sweet Vanessa from The Trendy Files!

The Trendy Files

I met her at an event a couple weeks ago, and she was SO SO sweet. We had coffee together and had a great time getting to know each other. Her IG feed is on point!! I absolutely love her imagery and the content of her blog. Go follow this sweet girl!


I hope you all enjoyed this post. Thank you to everyone who voted in my IG Poll!

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Honestly, this year has been one of the most challenging and rewarding in the same breath. I cannot believe how fast the year went, and I am still trying to find that “pause” button in life.

It’s funny how every little milestone or stage in a babies development, a parent automatically feels that the new stage is “the best” one.

The first 8 weeks – snuggle time – the best. The first smiles (REAL SMILES) – the best. The first giggle – the best. The first roll over, the first crawl, etc etc. All get marked with “The best” title.

Well, the boys are both crawling and officially in the exploring stage. They want to turn on light switches, get into drawers, play in the toilet water. Yep. Toilet water.  I have two little boys on my hands already.

Their personalities are shining brighter than ever. Jayden is still my Mr Independent while Quinton is my, lets just call him… more sensitive one. They are such happy babies, and their smiles light up the entire room when they are giggling. They recently discovered that certain actions make the other laugh so they have been exploring their senses of humour lately. It is the CUTEST thing in the entire world to watch them crawl away together and watch them hanging out making each other laugh. The bond these two have is unbelievable. How is this my life? How did I get so lucky?

Let’s do a little year in picture review for you.

Audino Family Picture

identical twin boys 6 Month Twins 6 Month Twins


I am loving every second of this crazy journey. I cannot wait to see what this next year brings (even the terrible twos)!

These little guys have stolen my entire heart & soul, I am so proud to be their mama!

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Hush Lash Studio Selfie

Hi & Welcome Back!

About a month ago I received an email from Hush Lash Studio to try out eyelash extensions and I immediately jumped at the opportunity! This is something that I have always wanted to try but really did not want to pay the price tag that goes along with it. I had my appointment on September 15th and I wanted to share my experience with you all!

Lets dive in!

Hush Lash Studio’s are actually located in Fabutan Tanning Studios! There are 6 locations in Winnipeg, and you can also find locations in Winkler, Steinbach, Portage la Prairie and Selkirk. I went to the Southdale location in Winnipeg for my appointment just for your reference.

Okay so about me and my lash situation. I have a lot of lashes, but lets be honest – they can never be full enough. When I am attending any type of event I ALWAYS wear lashes (strip lashes) to make my eyes look more dramatic. I love having my eyes pop and lashes make the world of a difference. Lashes to me, take your look to the next level.

When I went into my appointment the lash stylist showed me a booklet with different looks to choose from. The basics that you need to decide before heading into your appointment are if you want Volume Lashes or Classic Lashes. There are many variations of what each look like, however the easiest way to explain the difference between Classic and Volume is this: Classic – soft, natural, everyday. Volume – fuller, dramatic. I decided that going full volume lashes probably wouldn’t be a good idea for my every day, so I pulled back on what I originally had in mind however I did choose the Volume Lashes. I chose the “signature” style, which is shorter lash lengths closer to the inside corner of your eye, with a gradual build to longer lashes towards the outer corner. There are 8 different styles to choose from that will help accentuate your eyes by enhancing the shape of them. The lash stylist will be able to help you choose what will suit you best!

I then laid down and closed my eyes to get the lashes started.

I will say this – it took a heck of a lot longer than I thought it was going to. Online it says for volume lashes it can take up to 120 minutes ( an hour and a half) and I was there for 2 1/2 hours so when it was all over, I sat up and immediately felt sick from not moving for so long and then sitting up quickly.

The lash stylish was amazing though. She was so sweet and the easiest person to talk to. The first two hours went by super fast but I have the say, the last half hour I was getting pretty antsy. I was told that I have a ton of lashes and the shorter ones in my inner corner were being stubborn so it was taking her a lot longer than she had anticipated.

My lashes turned out AMAZING. I absolutely love them and have had so many compliments on them!! Also I do have to say that I am enjoying having my face partially done when it comes to getting ready in the mornings! It has cut down my “get ready time” by a ton!

Overall my experience was incredible and I would recommend going to see Andrea at Hush Lash Studio in Southdale!!

Click HERE to book online and find a location near you!

Thank you to Hush Lash Studio for this opportunity xo

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Fall Fashion 2017

Hi Guys, Happy September!!!

Fall is my favourite time of the year here in Winnipeg. Although the perfect weather really only lasts like 3 weeks, it is the BEST THREE WEEKS. I do have to add that my birthday and now my babies birthday’s land within those three weeks, so it makes it extra special.

Fall fashion to me is dressing up the basic t-shirt & jeans by adding fun layers. Throwing in pops of colour or print within scarves, or fun accessories. This fall the trend seems to be focused heavily on prints. That print is leopard to be exact, and I am obsessed.

I have really been into the cognac/brown colour for years, and mixing with your basic blacks/whites is like my favourite style. I have shown below a few staple pieces to have in your wardrobe this fall.

Shopping can get excessive, however if you build your wardrobe with your KEY STAPLE items first, adding in a few trendy pieces can keep any look current.

Okay so let’s talk about your first must have in ANY wardrobe. A basic white tee. You can have your choice of any neck line, fit, whatever you choose. This is a MUST. I have been loving on THIS tee lately and the best part? It is $22!

I love a good pair of jeans, and I just recently invested in a good pair of jeans however they are not the colour I would love to show in this post. I purchased more of an indigo shade. For this post, I will share a pair of jeans that I have my eye on to invest in which are THESE ones. Investing in good jeans will save you money in the long run. I was purchasing jeans from a lower quality brand and spending $50 every 2-3 months to replace them. I spent $175 on my newest pair of jeans (the most I have ever spent on a pair of jeans) and I have worn them constantly over the last 4 months and they look BRAND NEW.

As I had mentioned, the trend this fall is Leopard print. You can pair the jeans/tee combo with a cute leopard scarf which is the least expensive way to get in on the trend. THIS scarf is so cute and only $25!!

Now another must for this fall is a great leather or faux leather jacket. I love THIS one and currently have my eye on it.

If you aren’t a leather jacket kind of girl, then true to my style, I would reach for a cozy cardigan. One of the cardigans that sold out from Nordstrom last year SO fast that I couldn’t get my hands on was THIS one. I have it in my cart right now, so it will be making a debut to my wardrobe really soon!

On to shoes, I would go with a basic flat to bring this look together. A lot of bloggers have been adding another pop of the leopard print loafers, however I’m not sure how long that print with the loafer style shoe, will be in style for. If you want to get in on the loafer trend then I would suggest THIS pair. However, I gravitate towards THIS pair. Plus, they are $28!

I also want to do a splurge/save post for following trends this fall so stay tuned! It will be up in the next few weeks!

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Zaful has some of the CUTEST pieces that need to be in your wardrobe for this fall. I want to share with you some of my Wish List items from cute Midi Dresses to Tops.

So let’s get right into it! Here are a few items that are on my fall Wish List! This fall the trend of the ruffle detailing and off the shoulder continues. To be honest? I LOVE this trend. It is so playful and flirty. You will see that trend in my wish list and I’m sure you will LOVE the pieces I have picked out from Zaful.

I have noticed that the typical fall colours have come back such as olives & burgandy, however, having a lighter palette for your wardrobe stays in style year round! I did pick a dress below that has more of a mustard colour which I tend to associate fall with, but most of the items you will see are all year round neutral.

THIS cold shoulder dress is the perfect dress for fall. The mustard colour is gorgeous and you can pair it with a leather jacket and booties to complete the look! This dress is a must have to transition into fall.

And how cute is THIS off shoulder shirred floral dress? I am in LOVE with the sleeves! This print is perfect for spring summer and fall! This would be perfect for a wedding guest dress!

I am a sucker for this shade of blue and THIS dress is just so pretty. The cut out in the back is unexpected and gorgeous. I also love the shape of this dress, it is flattering for any body type!

Flare sleeves are really on trend and I am loving it mixed with THIS off the shoulder top. The floral pattern has the perfect color palette to transition into fall and you will be able to carry this top right through the winter!

Who says high/low’s are just for dresses? I am obsessed with THIS top! I love that the floral print isn’t overwhelming and the high/low detail can be the focus of the top. Pair this with a pair of white jeans and heels, you’ve got yourself a date night look.

okay, now THIS top is seriously so darn cute. I love the pale pink color and definitely would carry this color into the fall! I love that this top has flare sleeves and it also has a peplum style top so it is perfect for new moms like me who are still trying to hide that little baby pouch.

Noticing a trend here? This shade of blue with the white stripe is gorgeous on THIS top. I love the bow detail, it just adds something special to an already stunning top.

Every wardrobe needs an oversized sweater like THIS one. Pair it with tights and thigh high boots. Or you can throw it over jeans and booties. It is the perfect over sized sweater! Who loves to be cozy? ME!!

Also for a chance to win FREE clothes click HERE.

What are some trends that you are currently loving? Comment below!!

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Elizabeth Arden Review

Elizabeth Arden Mascara

This mascara is designed to do the following: 

Instantly deliver 80% increase in lash length & volume. 162% in curl for luxe lush lashes.

Glossy, long wear and water resistant. Wont flake, smudge or dry out.

3 in 1 triangular brush technology it creates customized and dramatic lash effects.

Key Ingredients: Lash Building Complex, Olive Esters, Rice Bran Esters, Carnauba Esters


162% increase in curl

100% of women felt their lashes appeared longer and amplified

96% of women felt their lashes appeared more defined with dramatic effects

93% of women felt their lashes were instantly lifted


You can buy a 3oz size of this mascara for $32 at the following retailers: The Bay, Shoppers or London Drugs

This mascara comes in two shades – Stunning Black & Stunning Brown. The shade I have is Stunning Black

Elizabeth Arden Mascara Review

My Review

I wore this mascara every single day for a month before writing this review. I wanted to give it a fair shot before I delivered a detailed review for you guys.

Okay so what are my thoughts?

The brush is quite amazing. It really gets into all of the lashes and helps define every last lash. It does create more of a dramatic effect on the eyes, and it does lift & curl as well. I was very pleased with the outcome of my lashes even after one coat! It did not flake on me, which is always a PLUS!

 I am the type of person who applies makeup early in the day and want/expect it to last ALL.DAY. Hours wise, I am looking for makeup to last 12+ hours. The mascara did not budge for me, which is exactly what I would want in a mascara. It did not flake, run or ANYTHING!! I could not be happier with this mascara!!


Click HERE to purchase!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

In case you missed it, I reviewed the Elizabeth Arden Lipsticks HERE

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Sharing my round up of IG pics from July 2017! I will link all products below each picture!

one piece swimwear


Old Navy Dress


identical twins family


Old Navy Summer Dress




Avene Sunscreen


milestone baby


twin family







July went by SO fast for us! It finally hit me that going back to work is sneaking up on me REAL quick. We met with a couple daycares and sealed the deal on one of them. It’s so surreal that my babies are going to be attending daycare extremely soon and I won’t be spending my days playing on my living room floor with them. We also spent a lot of time out at the cabin, and tried to go for as many walks as possible around our neighbourhood to enjoy the weather.

Ryan and I are now planning the boys first birthday party (they turn 1 in like 5 weeks!) so we are having an absolute blast trying to figure everything out. I know I say this all of the time, but seriously, where is the time going?!

Our goal for the rest of summer is to take it day-by-day and enjoy what is left! August is always the hottest month here in Winnipeg, so I’m hoping Ryan will take some holidays and we can have a couple family days around home together. I have so many bucket list things to do as a family, such as take the boys to the zoo, a splash pad, etc..

What was your favourite thing you did in July??

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Sephora Haul

Hello & Welcome Back!

I wanted to share my July beauty haul from Sephora! Half of these items are re-purchases and the other half are brand new to me! I will do a separate post for a review on the things that I love.

Okay so let’s get into it!

July Beauty Re-Purchases

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

I. LOVE. THIS. FOUNDATION!! I cannot say it enough. Every single time I wear this foundation I get compliments on my skin so obviously it is a staple in my beauty kit. It is very lightweight, but gives an amazing coverage.

My trick/tip for this foundation…  I build it up by wearing two coats as I prefer a very full coverage. 

The Original Beauty Blender

Again, a major staple in my beauty kit. I have tried the “knock offs” of this product and I really notice a difference so I am a die-hard Beauty Blender fan. Makeup application is so much easier with this tool, and I always make sure that I have a new one kicking around.

My Tip/Trick – You have to remember to replace your beauty blender frequently as it is a sponge so makeup & water get trapped inside which can create mould. Clean after every use and make sure it is completely dry before reusing! 

Caudalie Vinosource Sorbet Moisturizer

This is my absolute favourite day moisturizer that I have ever come across. it is super light weight and makes your skin feel so amazing and soft. It is very hydrating and is great for all skin types!

My Tip/Trick – apply before you start your makeup routine! It helps your skin stay hydrated and your makeup applies so much easier! 

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Shampoo & Conditioner

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. it’s HOW MUCH MONEY! AH! YOU ARE CRAZY!

And yes, I will agree with you. However, take a second and hear me out. After I had my boys, my hair went crazy AF. I lost so much hair and it started to really change. It became very oily and the ends dried out so much quicker than they ever did before. I tried to style my hair and it would just fall. Nothing would work! I tried different products all of the time and then  I stumbled across this shampoo/conditioner combo. My hair had never been so healthy!! It was exactly what I needed to help my hair bounce back to it’s normal self. This is definitely a splurge item, so I don’t use this for every wash.

My Tip/Trick – I only use it if I notice my hair is starting to look like it needs some TLC. Also only apply a small amount of conditioner on the ends of your hair! It makes a major difference when you keep the product at your ends.

DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo

A new moms BFF in other words. This dry shampoo really works with my dark hair (which was a struggle for me to find before I stumbled across this one). Dark hair has more shine which can in turn look greasy. This dry shampoo is the best for those days where I can’t shower and need to look presentable! I highly recommend this product!!

My Tip/Trick – Lift your hair straight out to the side of your head and spray the dry shampoo upwards into the ends of your hair. This will help create major volume in your hair! 

July Beauty New Purchases!!

Tarte Tarteist Mascara

I will be doing a full review on this mascara in upcoming weeks. If you saw on my SnapChat, you already know my thoughts! 😉

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in the colour Dark Brown

I was originally using the Brow Wiz & Brow Definer, however I was going through them SO fast! I was replacing every 5ish weeks so I wanted to try the Pomade to see the difference in the products. I have been using this for about 2 weeks now and I am LOVING this product!! If you saw my get ready with me on my Snap Chat, then you also know that I am AWFUL at doing my brows. I do love this product and would highly suggest the combo of the pomade and the ABH #14 Brow Brush. SO WORTH THE $$!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Brush in #14

See Above 🙂

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

I read great reviews on this product so I wanted to pick it up as my dark circles have gotten out of hand since becoming a mom. I don’t use it every day so I have only used it a handful of times. I will do a post about this in the future, I just want to continue to use this product to give a solid review.

Bumble & Bumble BB Don’t Blow It

I went into Sephora looking for a product to help tame my baby hairs (regrowth from hair loss after babies), and I came out with this product. It was suggested to me by one of the staff, however it did not do what she told me it does. This is a great product to throw in your hair and let it air dry. It helps tame the craziness and does help make your hair look put together. It just wasnt what I was originally looking for.

I hope you all enjoyed this post!!

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