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Today I want to share with you all the incredible Blume Swimwear. This is a brand that one of my best friends has launched and is offering the perfect minimal bikini. Oh and PS it launched last FRIDAY!

Minimal Bikini

Courtney(the owner), is very particular. She is very detail oriented and has worked in the fashion industry for years. She has an eye for all things amazing, so when she told me she was starting her own brand, I wasn’t surprised. I actually was surprised it didn’t happen sooner! She has been working on perfecting these styles of tops/bottoms for over a year now.

Blume Bikini

Blume currently has one style of top, and one style of bottom. The Flora Top and Blossom Bottom. The top has a gorgeous low cut with a thicker band detail, and it also has the perfect thin shoulder strap. The bottom is the perfect cheeky cut. You will feel great & sexy in this bikini!! Both (top & bottom) come in 7 colours (white, navy, cherry blossom, lilac, olive, black, magenta) The Flora top retails for $67 and the Blossom bottoms retail for $55. Which is extremely affordable for the quality you are getting!

Blume Bikini

You can shop Blume HERE!

*all images in this post belong to Blume Swimwear*

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Who doesn’t need a little help with bags and dark circles under their eyes? They are my new accessories since becoming a mom. I have found too, that if I have something planned with friends/family, the boys refuse the sleep the night before! It is the worst! I never want to look at my worst when I finally do make an appearance into public. I was getting a little desperate for some help in that area, and along came Klorane with this soothing eye patch product. It is supposed to help reduce signs of fatigue, relieve congestion, soothes eyes and provides instant freshness. Sign. Me. Up.

My eyes are DARK. Like, very dark. I do not leave my house without makeup(I rarely did before, but I sure as hell don’t do it now), so I needed something to help brighten up my dark circles and bring down the puffiness. After another night of no sleep, I put these bad boys to the test.

I received one box, which comes with 7 packs. In one pack you will find two patches. I didn’t put them in the fridge before hand, but you can do that to enhance the cooling effect if you choose to do so. I read the instructions – remove back piece, place under eye, leave for 20 minutes, remove by lifting from the outer side. Pat dry. EASY ENOUGH! Also – the one box retails for $17.25!! Super affordable!!

Once I placed the patches on my eyes, I instantly felt the cooling begin and my eyes were loving it. I walked out the bathroom only to scare my babies, but they realized everything was fine after a few seconds. I got my babies down for a nap, and before you know it, that 20 minutes was up.

I peeled the patches off and was actually shocked at how bright my eyes were. This product is not messing around! My dark circles were gone!! My eyes looked completely refreshed and the puffiness under my eyes had gone down drastically.

Apparently the special active ingredient is cornflower floral water which is what I believe to be the little miracle worker within this product!

I am definitely a major fan of these eye patches and will be purchasing them as soon as I run out of this box!!!

Thank you Klorane for the honour of reviewing your product.

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*this product was sent to me for my review, however my opinion is my own*

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Dock A Tot

Curious about the differences between the Deluxe and Grand Dock A Tot? Read more to find out everything you need!

Dock A Tot has been featured on my blog a few times as a MUST HAVE baby item, and I will always back up that statement. I really cannot say enough about how incredible of a product the docks are, and how amazing the company is itself!

I reviewed the Deluxe size HERE and in this post I explain Dock A Tot’s products, and a little bit about their company. Now I did get these products sent to me for my review, HOWEVER, my love for this product is completely genuine. Any mom who I know has purchased a dock because of my reviews have all said the same thing “This is the best baby product ever.”

The sizes available are the Deluxe which is the smaller size (suitable for 0-9 months) and the Grand which is suitable for 9-36 months. The smaller one is perfect for recreating  the womb for a little one to sleep at ease feeling safe and secure. The Grand dock is a larger size for toddlers to feel safe in their beds as well.

I was really stretching out the deluxe size with the boys because they loved them so much, but they are also babies who have major attachments to their blankets. This was starting to become a bit of an issue being in too small of a space, fully clothed and with a large blanket wrapped around them. It was overdue to upgrade to the Grand size of docks.

Dock A Tot

The first nap in the new docks were a total success. The boys had a 3 hour nap!! 3 HOUR!! It helped me catch up on sleep from a rough night, and become much more productive during the day. We also have been bringing them along to our cabin on the weekends for a place to sleep!

This company just keeps proving over and over how incredible of a design this is, and babies truly do LOVE these!

Dock A Tot

You can purchase Docks through the link below, the pictures below or at West Coast Kids in Winnipeg.

Click HERE to get your discount code from DockATot! 

On a side note… The day we received the grand docks, I did an IG story of unboxing them and showing how to take the docks apart to clean them. The response that I got back was incredible! I’m so glad you are all loving my IG stories about products! So thank you for the exceptional love!

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Hi & Welcome!

I had the honour of being sent this product for review, so I want to give you all my honest opinion on this product!

Let me start by saying, I have never tried this brand before, so I was excited about giving it a shot. I love trying new brands and new products, you just never know what could be a new staple in your beauty bag.

When it comes to my babies, I am extra cautious of new brands/products so I ALWAYS test on myself first. Babies skin is way more sensitive than adults, so if any product is going to make me uncomfortable, it would be an instant NO for my babies.

The day after I received the Avéne Infants sunscreen, I tried it on myself and really liked it! I love that it isn’t greasy feeling on the skin, it absorbs quickly and very well, and it comes in a spray format!

About a week later, Winnipeg started to experience some gorgeous weather so my husband and I were beyond excited to take our boys into a pool for the first time! We bought the baby floats, packed our bags and grabbed the Avéne Infant sunscreen, lathered up the boys and made our way over to the pool.

As I mentioned before, it is a really light texture which I love because my babies hate when I am sitting here trying to rub in some thick texture of lotion. ( I swear they have no patience) The sunscreen is also water resistant and for face & body. It is SPF50, and made of a broad UVB-UVA spectrum protection with minimum chemical filters. The sunscreen also feels really soothing on the skin because it contains a bit of the Avéne thermal water! Also – this product is recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association.

You can buy this product at Drugstores in a 200mL bottle for $32.50!

I really liked this product, and will be sure to keep it in my pool bag for all of summer!


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*this product was sent to me in exchange for a review, however my opinion of the product is my own*

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Elizabeth Arden Lipstick Review

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Moisturizing Lipstick Review

I was lucky enough to have this lipstick sent to me for my review, so here is my honest opinion.

The first thing I noticed is obviously the packaging. The lipstick comes in a gold casing that has the Elizabeth Arden logo on it. It is really pretty, and although I did struggle to pop it open, I actually prefer when lipsticks are harder to open. You know it will be safe in your purse with the cap on. There is really nothing worse than tossing a lipstick that you love into your bag to find the cap fell off and it somehow got gross lint on it.

The smell of this lipstick is incredible. I have a thing for lipsticks that smell great, and this one is at the top of the best smelling list in my books. I eagerly swatched the product onto my hand to see the colour and it was very beautiful. You could instantly feel like this product was a luxurious product. The colour went on so smooth, and it felt like butter. You could also see the colour was very pigmented, and although it is supposed to be a matte finish, I find there still is a more sheer finish.

When I applied the product to my lips, I absolutely loved the look of it! It is a perfect Nude colour and I was a little hesitant because most nude shades look awful on me! But I am glad that I tried it because I really do love it! Your lips also feel super moisturized while wearing this product as well, which is something you don’t typically get in a lipstick. The lipstick actually has satin texture powders to form a unique film to flex with lip movements throughout the day as well which helps your lips not feel so tight from wearing lipstick!

This lipstick comes in the following matte shades: Barely There, Bold Red, Chocolate, Coral Crush, Nude,Pink Pucker, Raspberry and Rose Petal.

This product retails for $32 which I think is actually a good price point because of the quality of lipstick, I find I am not applying as often and I am not reaching for an additional product to help my lips feel nourished. You can shop it HERE

Here are some product stats:

Key ingredients: satin texture powders, maxi lip (helps plump, and moisturize), moisture enriched pigments, mango, shea, and murmur butters, organ oils, and vitamin E.

Intense color payoff that lasts 12 hours.

Features moisture enriched pigments to protect, condition and nourish lips

93% of women said their lips felt softer, 90% said more moisturized and 75% felt lips protected.

Elizabeth Arden Lipstick

My Opinion

So, truthfully what are my thoughts? I really like this product!! I would definitely wear it to an event, or anytime I know I won’t be around my babies too much. The reason I say that is because I am constantly stealing kisses from my babies, and this product rubs off so, if I know that my babies are with a sitter and I am going out, this is definitely going to be my go-to from now on!

What is your favourite Elizabeth Arden product??

*this product was sent to me for review, however my opinions are my own*

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Boon has become a favourite brand in my household recently, and for good reason. Their products are undeniably amazing. I want to share with you guys some of my top MUST have Boon products!

I have mentioned the SQUIRT before, (you can read that post HERE), and the reason it is so amazing is because you can take pureed foods on the go with you! There is no mess, no fuss, and the food doesn’t get contaminated because of design! It is a MUST have for any new mom!! Also, it is extremely affordable!

Next we have the soft serving spoons for introducing solid foods! Having a proper spoon for your baby is a major must have. You don’t want to hurt their little mouths by using hard utensils. I highly recommend THESE.

Keeping with the feeding type of products, I love THIS drying rack for all baby items. I tend to wash all of my baby items first, put them onto this drying rack and then proceed to do the “adult” dishes. It’s nice that it keeps their products perfectly clean and out of the way. It helps me stay a little bit more organized!

Bath time is so much easier and fun now because of the Ripple Bath Mat. It is a larger size than most mats and the design helps water flow underneath to help prevent mold from growing! Ever since we bought it, our boys have really enjoyed their bath time which makes our lives much easier. Also I get a peace of mind that the design is also helping in a sanitary manner as well.

The one Boon product I have been trying to get my hands on is THIS kit. I have heard great things about the brush because its super soft and helps with dry skin on babies heads!

I purchased a whole bunch of feeding supplies on the weekend too, so once I have put them to use I will do another blog post for a full review.

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For years I have been using products from Tres Emme and I can tell you that not once have I ever been disappointed in one of their products.

 From their Shampoo & Conditioner to their Heat Protectant Spray.. I can’t get enough!

I wanted to share with you guys some of my go-to products from this company!

Okay so let’s start with Shampoo/Conditioner. I have been loving THIS shampoo and THIS conditioner for years. I absolutely love how my hair looks and feels after I’ve used these two together so I always make sure to have some stocked up at home.

Sticking with the shampoo theme, lets talk about Dry Shampoo. THIS one works ah-mazing! Even with my dark hair, it helps take my hair another day before a wash. I love this product!

Anytime I am using heat, I always spray my hair with THIS protectant. It works so well and it will always be a staple in my hair care kit.

Summer time is quickly approaching which means, beach days or lounging by the pool. The one product I always have with me is THIS spray. It helps create the most gorgeous effortless beach waves and your hair feels like you don’t have any product in it!! I absolutely LOVE this product!!!

When it comes to hair spray, I HATE when your hair looks wet, feels crispy or makes you very paranoid to be around any flame. THIS hair spray works so well, I absolutely LOVE it. It gives such a great hold, but not compromising the softness of your hair. I swear its a little bit of magic in a can.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thank you for stopping by!

Ps, my little babies are both so sick, we have been having horrible sleeps and there have been a lot of tears. I am just exhausted but hoping they start to feel better before the weekend! June is such a busy month for our little fam, so stay tuned for a TON of outfit posts!

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I have booked a few services at the Glam Bar in Winnipeg and wanted to give you all my opinion on my experience!

About 8 weeks ago, I booked a hair appointment there for a full colour and cut. I was pretty nervous to let someone else do my hair since I have been going to the same person since I was 4 years old. I needed to try somewhere new that works with mine & my husbands schedule to be able to watch the boys. I’d heard great things about this salon so I figured it was worth a shot! Walking into the salon, I was blown away by the warm welcome, and how friendly everyone was throughout the few hours I was there. The amazing woman who did my hair did an incredible job, I have received so many compliments on the cut of my hair ever since!

Approximately a month after my hair appointment, I booked manicures with my brother’s girlfriend while she was in town. Again, I left there very happy with my experience and the results.

About two weeks ago, my mother-in-law took my sister-in-law and myself out for pedicures there and again, it was such a relaxing atmosphere. It was one of the best pedicures I’ve had in a long time!!

I should also mention that I’ve had different people every time I’ve gone there so I have been very happy with all of the employees that I have crossed paths with.

This will be my go-to salon for all things beauty going forward! I truly LOVE that place!! They do everything there too! From hair, to lashes & brows, to massages and facials.. you name it, THEY DO IT!

You can check out their website HERE. AND you can book online which is super convenient!

*all images are from @theglambarwinnipeg on Instagram*

PS – Sorry I have been a little MIA lately.. Last week I fell down my stairs (just a mis-step in a half asleep state just thankful I wasn’t carrying one of my boys) so I was taking the week to recover and then we headed out to the cabin for the first time with the boys! I will be doing a blog post on the weekend!

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Wrap Dress Banana Republic


A few weeks ago, I purchased this gorgeous wrap dress from the Banana Republic Factory at our Outlet Collection Mall. It was a $90 marked down to $28!!! How incredible is that?!

Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress

I want to share some other summer dresses that are super cute and extremely affordable! A lot of these dresses could be perfect for a special occasion this summer or a casual everyday type of dress.

DRESS: (similar) HEELS: Steve Madden BAG: Zara

SUNGLASSES: Dynamite BAG INSERT: Totesavvy

STROLLER: Baby Jogger

Also, I am OKAY! As most of you are aware from my social media, I fell down my stairs but I am fine! I went to the doctor yesterday to see if there is anything I can do to speed up my recovery or help me fight through the uncomfortable pain. I just have bruising on parts of my back and tailbone, so it’ll just take some time to heal! So thank you for all of the well wishes to get better!

You guys are the best!!

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Twins Q&A

Hello!! I thought I would do a post to follow up on yesterday’s IG Stories of my boys day. I noticed I was getting questions sent to me throughout the day so I’ll just address everything here!

Q: How much do they eat and what brands of food do they like?

A: The boys have 4 bottles of 7.5 ounces, and 2 solid foods between 4-5 ounces a day. We have used Enfamil Gentlease formula since the boys were about a week old.  For baby cereal, we use Nestle Gerber Baby. Any fruits or veggies I either make myself or we buy the Love Child Organics brand.

Q: How often do you wash/sterilize bottles?

A: After every use, I will rinse out the bottles completely, take the nipple off and make sure that is rinsed off as well. At some point in the day I will wash all bottles that are on my counter, I wash them with soap and warm water and THIS brush, and then rinse thoroughly. I then use my microwave sterilizer and set the bottles on a clean towel to air dry.

Q: What bottles do you use?

A: I use the Philips Avent Natural plastic bottles. We love them because they come with minimal parts to clean and my boys took to them really well. We only purchased the 4oz size for when they were really little, and the 9oz size which they have been using for a couple months now.

Q: What do you keep in your diaper bag?

A: I always carry my Totesavvy to keep organized. I have a post coming next week all about this so stay tuned!!

Q: What are the best toys for their age?

A: My boys are loving the basic type of toys such as blocks, remotes, Sophie La Giraffe, teething keys, etc. Since they are teething, they love anything that feels good on their gums!

Q: What brand of stroller and car seats do you have?

A: Stroller is the Baby Jogger City Select. We LOVE it. And we recently purchased these Evenflo car seats. We were finding that in the bucket seats, whoever would end up on the front of the stroller would be kind of squished, so we transitioned into the bigger seats and they are so much happier.

Q: Do you bath them at the same time in the tub?

A: Yes! We just transitioned them into the bath tub once we got our hands on the Boon Bath Mat. Which we absolutely LOVE! The boys love being in the bath together and enjoy splashing each other.

I hope this was helpful and I’m so happy with the feedback I was getting about sharing our day. If you are interested in seeing more going forward, just let me know!

Also if you have any other questions, comment or email me @ info@jordynaudino.com and I will get back to you!

Thank you for reading!

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