6 Month Twins

6 Months Already…

It’s funny how once you have kids, you don’t even know what your life would be like without them! I am loving being a mom! The twins are now 6 months old and really are the lights of mine and my husband’s life. Their personalities are really starting to shine! Now that they are super responsive, it is so fun to get a giggle out of them. My absolute favourite moments are always first thing in the morning when they are awake and laying in their cribs waiting for me to come get them. Right before I pick them up, I will look over the side of the crib and say “good morning!”, the smile that I get from both babies is beyond precious. 

Baby Jayden

identical twin boys

Jayden is still the dominant twin – he is still super active and definitely has more of a temper. He has places to go and doesn’t like to sit still for very long. He will stare at you with a straight face if you try and get him to laugh, but once he does start laughing, he is so funny. He laughs with his whole body and it is the cutest thing ever. I still believe that he will be the one to test Ryan and I in the future. He seems to have a more active and go-getter personality. 

Baby Quinton

identical twin boys

Quinton is still my laid back baby. Easy going, super easy to get a smile out of him, and really would be super content to just cuddle all day long. Funny thing about this picture – we were trying avocado for the first time and he was not happy about it! haha!! My poor little guy got the shivers and spit everything right back out. Everything that my husband doesn’t like to eat, the boys haven’t been the biggest fans of either! It is kind of strange! Quinton is obsessed with Jayden. If Jayden is playing with a toy, Quinton will stop what he’s doing to watch. Then after a couple minutes of observing Jayden, Q will burst into laughter. It is so funny, and so cute at the same time!

The Twins Together

We are starting to hit some more “first” milestones and it’s funny how the tiniest thing makes a parent so proud. We are starting to have so much more fun with them, having little dance parties (they LOVE music), and doing silly things to make them smile.

They are sleeping great, but we are starting a sleep training schedule just to make our day-time a little easier. I want a strict eat/nap schedule during the day so it’ll be easier for me to plan my days out. Right now our days are still structured around when the boys wake up and feed then every 3 hours after that throughout the day. I would much prefer a set time that they are eating or napping. I ordered the book Twelve Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old: A Step-by-Step Plan for Baby Sleep Success to read and hopefully will be able to implement their theory.

The twins have started trying more of a variety of solid foods, which has been really fun to experiment with. The facial expressions are the best part of trying something new.

identical twin boys

As you can see in the above picture, the boys are growing like crazy! They have almost quadrupled their birth weight and have grown like crazy in length too! They are now surpassing the average sizes for their age which is incredible for twins. Twins typically are a lot smaller for a few years, depending on how premature they were born. So the fact that they are caught up is unbelievable!

6 Month Twins

Anyways, thats us at 6 months! I will be doing a new post soon about baby products that we are loving at this stage so stay tuned!

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Ever since I found out I was having my boys, others would always ask one very specific and very odd question – “how are you going to grocery shop with TWINS?”

At first I didn’t really know how to answer this. sometimes I would say “I won’t be grocery shopping with them” or “I’m not too sure, but I will figure it out!”  Really though, what could I say? I didn’t know what life would be like with the boys, and I hadn’t gone grocery shopping with any baby before so I wasn’t really sure what normal parents did with just one.

The boys arrived in September and I was lucky enough to have my mom pick up groceries for us for the first few weeks and/or have my mom or mother in law watch the boys so I could run out and grab groceries. Once I was feeling more like myself again, I started wanting to take the boys out of the house more but was still anxious about how to grocery shop with them. Do I just fill my little storage area on my stroller? Do I grab a basket and grab a few things at a time? If I put their car seats in a shopping cart I won’t have any room for groceries! What am I going to do? (Oh by the way, my husband refuses to grocery shop. He will do anything else I ask him to, but he will not grocery shop)

I was scrolling through instagram one day and I discovered the answer to my grocery shopping issue! Let me introduce you to Binxy Baby.


Binxy Baby is a brand that sells a baby hammock that goes across your shopping cart! It is used for babies that cannot sit up in the cart, so it is a saving grace for the first approx 6 months. It can also hold your cart seat!!  The Binxy Baby hammock can hold up to 50lbs, and is super easy to attach to the grocery cart. There are safety straps for your baby in the cart and this product has been safety tested. This would be a great gift for a new mother! 

My boys are pretty large for their size so when I received this product, I went to test it out and unfortunately my “little guys” were too big! But I was still able to quickly assemble it and get a feel for how the product worked. I would definitely recommend it for new mothers. Why not make your grocery shopping experience a good one?

The quality is amazing and the price point is extremely reasonable! There are a ton of different prints that you can choose from as well. If you are interested in shopping for this item, click HERE.


I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

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Todays post is all about the brand Ollie World! They are known for their “Smarter Swaddle”. Intrigued? Let me tell you more. 

Ollie world sells a one-size swaddle made from custom moisture wicking material that helps reduce the risk of over heating. The swaddle is open at both ends that way it’s easy for quick diaper changes! There is velcro on it to customize the size of swaddle needed for your baby, which is great! 

I didn’t implement swaddling when the boys were born, and now that they are 5 1/2 months, they are set in their ways when it comes to swaddling haha! However if your baby loves being swaddled, I think this product would be great for you!! 

You can shop HERE 

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I wanted to do a post about my fave lipsticks but then I realized how many I have and love so I’m going to break it down into a couple posts. If you missed my go to’s from MAC, see the post HERE

As you can see by the title, this will be all drugstore lipsticks which are super affordable.

So let’s get started.

drugstore lipstick swatches
I will break everything down by brand and show in my swatch pictures what is what.

Starting at the bottom working upwards in the picture!

NYX Lingerie in Corset

NYX Lingerie in Baby Doll

NYX Butter Lipstick in Pops

NYX Soft Matte lip Cream in San Paulo

Milani matte in Naked

Milani matte in Naturally Chic

Milani matte in Tuscan Toast

Revlon Ultra HD Matte in Seduction

Revlon ultra HD Matte in Devotion

Revlon Ultra HD Matte in Addiction

My favourite formula for these drugstore lipsticks are definitely the Revlon Ultra HD ones. They are super pigmented and don’t rub off easily. Also – the price points are incredible. 

I do have one more post about the BEST drugstore lipsticks that are constant re-purchases in my makeup collection. You will see it in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

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Being a new mom, I feel like my days fly by since I’m always busy taking care of the boys! Experiencing some “firsts” could not be more exciting as a parent and I know my husband feels the exact same way. The brand, Milestone gives parents the opportunity to remember some of those precious moments by having the cutest milestone cards to take pictures with! There is a spot on the card to write the date that the event happened and it really is an incredible idea. 

Little moments like the day your baby tried solid foods for the first time or rolled over for the first time – these are special moments that could easily be forgotten in the future. You may roughly remember the timeframe it happened “oh it was probably around 5 months” are common responses from parents. Milestone gives you the opportunity to take a quick picture with the date! 

The card set can be ordered for a boy, girl, or twins! I obviously have the twin set and it is so adorable. There are moments that capture “we smiled at each other for the first time” “we tried solid food today” “we came home today” 

It also has cards for every month “I am 5 months today” all the way up to the first birthday! 

The Milestone World also has card sets for pregnancy, baby’s first year, baby’s early years, first words and quotes, special moments and even a wedding card set! 

I am so happy I have this card  set to be able to reminisce in the future when my babies are all grown up. 

You can shop  or download free printables HERE

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I am sharing my favourite MAC Cosmetics lipsticks that are my easy go-to’s for 90% of the makeup looks I create. 

Let’s get started 

Swatches from Left to Right:

Creme Cup • Mehr • Viva Glam II • Whirl • Velvet Teddy • Viva Glam I • Captive 

They have the best formula and I absolutely love the smell of MAC lipsticks! I’m so weird – I know. 

Go check these out next time you’re in a MAC store! 

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This post is LONG overdue. I get a ton of questions regularly about this product so today is your lucky day. I am breaking everything down for you.

So let’s get started! The brand Life in Play has designed a bag organizer that turns handbags into diaper bags without sacrificing style. The second I discovered this product I just HAD to have it. I am the type of mom who doesn’t like the typical bold, bright baby looking items. I am all about staying modern and stylish. Just because I am a mom doesn’t mean I throw my style out of the window! This bag organizer solved that solution for me which made me one happy mom to be. Keep it in mind that you don’t need to specifically use it for baby items, this would be super handy for travelling, or if you just love being organized!


There are currently two sizes of the totesavvy, the original size and the mini. The Original size measures: H – 10″ W – 5″ L – 14″ and the mini measures: H – 9″  L- 9.5″

The original size comes in a few colours such as classic black, soft  grey, luxe red, and coffee. The mini comes in classic black or soft grey.

The original has two small pockets and one larger pouch together on one side(outside) which I keep my “mommy items” in. Things like lipstick, gum, Kleenex, and perfume. The other side(outside) has  one large thin pocket which is great for any paper items you may need/want to keep on you.

There are two handles on the top, to make it easy to place in or take out of your handbag, and there is also a key ring at the top as well which is super handy.

When you open up the totesavvy(original size) you will find the change mat rolled up right in the center. On one side you will have one insulated pocket for bottles, and two more longer pockets which are great for storing extra bottles, bibs, and formula(or baby food). On the other side you will find two larger pockets and two small pockets. This is the side that I keep diapers, wipes, baby powder, vaseline, hand sanitizer, etc.

This really is the best solution to keep your tote bags organized. Especially when you’re a mom – you end up juggling bags and babies. This product makes everything you need available to easily grab.


You can shop the item HERE.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you would like a post on what I keep in my Insert, just comment below or on my IG post!

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Today I want to share with you a few new products that I received from Finn&Emma. If you haven’t heard of them, finish reading my post then head straight to their website.

Finn & Emma is a brand that is 100% organic and Eco friendly. They offer a variety of products such as: Muslin Blankets, Play Gyms & Mats, Wooden Toys, Hand Knit Toys, and a variety of clothing. 

Now, I mentioned that they are organic and eco friendly, how you wonder? Let me tell you. 

Their garments are G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton, and use non toxic eco friendly dyes. All snaps are lead/nickel free and use coconut inserts. The material is SO soft. It feels like butter and has a really generous fit. My boys are BIG for 5 months old so I was a little nervous ordering the 6-9 month size but look at the pictures below!! They fit the boys perfectly in the body, just the arms are a little long on them, but I roll the sleeves to the inside so the boys can’t fuss with them! The snaps are super easy to work with, and I love the snap detail at the shoulder. I cannot say enough about how great of quality these are. 

Their wooden toys are made of Indian hardwood that is finished with vegetable seed wax and filled with little beans. I was super curious to how my boys would react to a wooden teething toy, and they seem to really like them so far! The size of the toy is perfect for them to hold onto and I love that it has the cloth part on the toy, it adds another texture for them to feel. 

Finn & Emma also have hand knit toys that are made by an artisanal women’s collective in Peru with G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton yarn and wool stuffing. They also feature a phthalate free rattle inside. Check out their super cute muslin blankets as well, they are super colorful and have the cutest prints! The play gyms are absolutely adorable which feature a mix of the hand knit toys and wooden toys as well. 

Also if you shop HERE you can get 15% off your purchase!!! 

Thank you for reading! 

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It’s no secret that I have been dying to get my hands on a Dock A Tot, and friends – the day has come. 

Dock A Tot is an multi-functional lounger  that can be used as a travel bed, co-sleeper or a playtime lounger.  I have mentioned this company in previous posts about how I personally think this is one of the best inventions as a baby product. You can read those posts HERE and HERE

If you are completely in the dark about what a dock-a-tot is, then let me fill you in on some of the details. 

Like I mentioned above, Dock A Tot is a multi functional lounger for infants to toddlers. The design was created in Sweden, and all docks are handmade in Europe. The Docks are OEKO-TEX certified (which means that they are tested for harmful substances in all stages of production) and they are made of 100% cotton. This helps create a perfect micro-climate and breathable material for your little one to lounge in.

There are two sizes available: 

the Deluxe which is suited for babies 0-8 months old 

Then there is the Grand size which is suited for 9-36 months. 

I have two of the deluxe size which my boys have been LOVING since the moment I placed them in the docks for the first time. I have been using the docks specifically for nap time on our main floor of our house. I love that I can put them down to nap and they aren’t going to roll anywhere and the material is breathable (made of 100% cotton) so I know if they squish their face into the corners, you can put your mind at ease! They have the best naps in the docks, I look at their little faces and see how cozy they are, and let’s be real.. there really isn’t anything better than a happy baby.(or two) 

The Grand size (9-36 Months) can be used as a lounger as well, but I have been reading a ton of reviews on them and a lot of parents use it to help transition their toddler into a toddler bed.  

The dock comes with a plastic case to protect it when you are traveling with the dock or if you want to store it. It also comes with a piece of cardboard that is in the base of the dock( you will need to remove this before using) to keep its shape. On the dock itself it has two handles to carry it around the house, one on the top and one of the side which helps with moving around room to room. The fabric is machine washable and is super easy to remove. 

The docks come in a variety of colors and I think would make the PERFECT baby gift for an expecting or new mom. 

From the moment I found this company without even seeing their product in person, I have been a major lover of this product. And now that I’ve been able to try them out with my babies, I 100% stand behind this product. It is definitely worth every penny!!!

My readers are offered a $10 discount if you shop HERE  

I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

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