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Today I want to share with you some tips on picking a wedding guest dress for any upcoming weddings you may have! I found the PERFECT spring/early summer wedding dress and needed to share with you all.

Tips for Picking A Wedding Guest Dress

The first thing to consider is weather. This will go hand in hand with the season in which appropriate colours/prints will adjust based on the time of year.

So check the weather! I always start stalking the weather network 2 weeks out of any event. Will it be rainy? Will it be hot? Will it be muggy? All important questions to ask that will help make your decision on what to wear and make you look amazing & super comfortable at the event.

Hot day? Go for something that is breathable and light weight. No straps (or minimal straps), and something that is flowy to give you some air movement.

Rainy & cold? Go for something with a sleeve or has a lining underneath the dress for added warmth. I love THIS dress for a colder event. The material doesn’t breathe as well, so it keeps you nice and warm!

The Perfect Summer Wedding Guest Dress

You guys… THIS dress is perfect. It is so comfortable, the dress breathes so you do not overheat at all.. the color is perfection.. I cannot say enough about this dress! It is so flattering (even while pregnant). The best part? It’s PRICE TAG! This dress is under $50 which is incredible.  Style Tip – Steam this dress and let it hang for a few hours before wearing, it will look amazing!

Check out some of my fave guest dresses below for some more inspiration xo

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

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