Honestly, this year has been one of the most challenging and rewarding in the same breath. I cannot believe how fast the year went, and I am still trying to find that “pause” button in life.

It’s funny how every little milestone or stage in a babies development, a parent automatically feels that the new stage is “the best” one.

The first 8 weeks – snuggle time – the best. The first smiles (REAL SMILES) – the best. The first giggle – the best. The first roll over, the first crawl, etc etc. All get marked with “The best” title.

Well, the boys are both crawling and officially in the exploring stage. They want to turn on light switches, get into drawers, play in the toilet water. Yep. Toilet water.  I have two little boys on my hands already.

Their personalities are shining brighter than ever. Jayden is still my Mr Independent while Quinton is my, lets just call him… more sensitive one. They are such happy babies, and their smiles light up the entire room when they are giggling. They recently discovered that certain actions make the other laugh so they have been exploring their senses of humour lately. It is the CUTEST thing in the entire world to watch them crawl away together and watch them hanging out making each other laugh. The bond these two have is unbelievable. How is this my life? How did I get so lucky?

Let’s do a little year in picture review for you.

Audino Family Picture

identical twin boys 6 Month Twins 6 Month Twins


I am loving every second of this crazy journey. I cannot wait to see what this next year brings (even the terrible twos)!

These little guys have stolen my entire heart & soul, I am so proud to be their mama!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

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xo, Jordyn