Okay this is CRAZY! My twins are officially 18 months and I cannot believe how fast this year and a half has gone. (Yes, I am aware I say this every time I do a blog post about the boys..)

Let’s dive into an update on the twins!

Starting with the first born… Mr Jayden Michael.
This kid’s sense of humor is out of this world. He will do just about anything to make us or Quinton laugh which is a little concerning for when he is of school age. I can just picture him being the class clown. He has the cutest smile and his laugh has gone from a woody the woodpecker giggle to this ridiculous laugh that I cannot describe. The laugh alone will make anyone burst into laughter.
Jayden is still more independent, still shoots judgmental looks at people, and is still the one that causes most of the ruckus. He has a major attachment to his blankie and lives for music. Anything with a beat and that kid will start dancing. Anywhere.. anytime.

Quinton on the other hand is our sensitive little guy. He is so sweet and cuddly, although he does show more of a temper when Jayden steals his soother. Q’s major attachment is to soothers. He will have one in his mouth and one in each hand, while walking around looking for more. We also are at a point where if the TV is on, and Paw Patrol isn’t on the screen; he yells and points at the TV until we change the channel. He is fearless and will attempt anything physically.. which is why he always has more bumps/bruises than Jayden.

The boys are becoming more and more attached to each other too. They try to say each others names and get excited when the other one wakes up from a nap/night. Speaking of naps/nights… they still DO NOT SLEEP! They are wide awake in the middle of the night just babbling to each other for hours. Its like they don’t get enough time in a day with each other that they have to be up all night with their best friend. As cute as this may sound.. mom & dad are in major need of some zzz’s.

How this is my life – I don’t know. I am still piecing it together on how we got so lucky!

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