Preparing for a trip is so damn stressful! My mind always runs a mile a minute the day before and the day of travel. It’s always “what did I already pack? what am I missing? I know I’m forgetting something..” then rambling off the list I made about a week prior to leaving so I would eliminate the risk of forgetting something. This brain of mine goes into panic mode when prepping for a trip!

Last week my husband and I travelled to Vegas for the first time ever!!

Here are some of my essentials for travelling:

#1 – Headphones. This needs to be everyone’s number one. (OTHER THAN YOUR PASSPORT)

#2 – Snacks. I usually throw a couple of granola  bars into my carry on or my purse before the flight. You never know when hunger will strike.

#3 – Gum. Two reasons: Good breath & to help pop your ears!

#4 – A Blanket Scarf/Poncho. This will keep you warm on the plane! wrap yourself up in it like a blanket and you are good to go.

#5 – Extra pair of socks. My feet are always freezing, regardless of what I’m doing so having an extra pair of warm socks are perfect for a flight.

#6 – Hand Sanitizer. I’m not sure what it is about planes but I become a huge germophobe the second we board. Maybe it’s the gross stale airplane air we are all forced to breathe.. I don’t know. But I find most airplanes are just gross.

#7 – Evian Water Spray. This has been something I carry in my purse during the hot summer days as well as every time I travel. It is a water mist in a bottle. Perfect to cool you down in the summer, keep your face feeling fresh on the place, and the best part.. it doesn’t ruin your makeup. It is also airplane safe so you can throw it in your purse/carry on. You can get these at Sephora, and you get two bottles for $16.