Over the past 5 days Ryan and I travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada. Neither of us had ever been there before so obviously, we had to check it out. We left Winnipeg at the perfect time since the temperatures were dipping down to -30. Vegas weather was sunny and 24 every day, but cooled off a bit at night. It was 100x better than Winnipeg weather, thats for sure.

In this post I will share our Vegas trip details!

Thursday February 11th:

We boarded the plane in Winnipeg, and had a 3.5 hour flight directly to Vegas. To be honest, flying into Vegas I was definitely expecting a larger city. The focus is clearly on the famous strip or Old Vegas.. but besides that.. there isn’t a whole lot going on there.

We stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel which is almost dead centre of the Strip, right across the street from Planet Hollywood. The Cosmopolitan is a gorgeous, sophisticated and classy hotel. It’s just so pretty. From the two storey crystal chandelier, to the giant shoes(see pic above) it is just a beautiful hotel.

We were staying on the 27th floor of the west wing, and we had a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and the Bellagio fountains. 

Once we were settled in, we immediately went out to explore the strip. We walked for hours and I mean hours quite literally. We got to see the volcano erupt at The Mirage, the light/fountain show at the Bellagio, and learned very quickly that anyone and everyone wants your money. Beware of creepy hotel guys trying to give you some type of package deal.. they want Time Shares in return. The only good side to people constantly harassing you and handing you coupons to things is you can usually catch a show or two for a really good deal.

Friday February 12th:

We woke up a little late since we decided to sleep a couple hours then go gamble in the middle of the night.. so we didn’t get our day started until 11am. We spent the day exploring the strip and in the afternoon we went to see Mac King, who does a Comedy/Magic show at Harrah’s. 

Later that night, we had quite a busy evening. Dinner at STK, Cirque du Soleil “O” at the Bellagio and we ended off the night going to Marquee(a club in The Cosmopolitan).

Dinner was unbelievable. If you have a chance to go to a STK restaurant.. make sure you do. It’s worth the money!! 

Cirque du Soleil was an amazing experience as well. It is mind blowing how the people in the show can do what they do. Again, if you get a chance.. do it.

Mac King was pretty funny, I had really low expectations going in, since I’d seen him on Penn and Teller’s Tell All show once, and he wasn’t very funny then… But he did exceed my expectations this time! 

Marquee was super cool. Ryan was in his glory at the club since this weekend was EDM so tons of DJ’s were in town and he was all smiles the entire time we were out. 

Saturday February 13th:

Again, late start to the day.. but we decided it was time to explore the other side of the strip from our hotel. We checked out MGM, Luxor, New York New York, Aria, and Excalibur. 

We headed back to The Miracle Mile Mall where we saw the Nathan Burton show. It is another comedy/magic show and is really good. Super cheap to go and some of the things he does, really blows your mind. 

Sunday February 14th:

This was our last full day in Vegas to spend doing anything else we wanted to do. So we decided to go through some of the hotels that we hadn’t checked out yet. We went through Ceasar’s Palace, The Mirage, the Venetian, the Wynn and The Paris hotel where we went up the Eiffel Tower. 

As we were wandering around, we decided  we should try to check out another show and go to a different nightclub later that evening. There are ticket stands everywhere with discounted tickets for “tonights shows” so we went to see David Copperfield at the MGM and then partied at Hakkassan. 

If you go to Vegas, you HAVE to go see David Copperfield. The magic tricks he does are completely insane. He is so good at what he does it’s unbelievable! SO many times, Ryan and I would just look at each other after a trick and laugh in disbelief. 

Hakkassan was a lot of fun, kind of a joke to get into the actual club though.. we were on the “guest list” (which in Vegas basically means nothing. anyone and everyone is pretty much on the guest list), and it took us going through 4 separate lines of people to get into the club. Ryan had a lot more “fun” than I did, and he refused to leave until the bar shut down. If any of you know my husband, you know he is stubborn as hell and enjoys loud music so we were there right until the bitter end. I won’t lie though, I had a great time from about 1am until 3ish.. Once the DJ Tigerlilly went off for the night, I was ready to go. But not Ryan.. he was dancing his butt off and was not leaving until he got kicked out. 

Needless to say our 11 hour travel day the next day was a little rough on the both of us. For me, just being exhausted and running on 3 hours of sleep. For Ryan.. well.. let’s just say he didn’t even become hungover until 4-5pm that day. 

Overall Vegas was a blast and super busy. Now I’m focused on catching up on sleep and trying to get my body back into a routine for work.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post

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xo, Jordyn